Virtual Mailbox User Series: The Entrepreneur


Virtual Mailbox User Series: The Entrepreneur


            Obviously a Virtual Mailbox (like those provided by Traveling Mailbox), have many benefits for the travelling (and non travelling) businessman.  For those that travel, the peace of mind alone is worth the small price.  But more so, having the ability to handle and respond to important business letters while away on a trip—or a vacation for that matter—is such a weight off one’s shoulders.

            What comes to mind for most readers most likely, when thinking of business mail, are customer invoices and bills.  However, tax documents and correspondence from both federal and state entities that are absolutely of the utmost importance will always arrive promptly to the Virtual Mailbox address and the worry of losing such documents becomes null and void. 

            This is where the Virtual Mailbox comes into play for the non-travelling businessman too.  The majority of small businesses have enough paper to keep track of and the additional pile of mail is certainly an unwanted headache.  Further, if that company has any employees, there is a chance that they may bring in the mail too on occasion to help.  If a system for incoming and outgoing mail is in place, then the mail may be taken care of properly.  However, if it is a small mom and pop store, then the mail may be placed anywhere that seems like a good fit.  That could lead to sloppy mishandling of the mail and thus letters and documents could be misplaced.

            With a company like Traveling Mailbox, mail can never be misplaced, nor does one need to worry about other employees handling the mail.  Better yet, the mail, once scanned, is digitalized for permanent storage.  That means if ever an old letter is needing to be retrieved—even from many years back—it is just a simple click away.

            Security is another factor, if the physical location of the business’s mailbox is a suite or in a congested area with other business mailboxes, it is possible that the mail will be delivered to the wrong business mailbox.  One can hope that their neighboring fellow businessmen are considerate and would promptly deliver the mail, thus rectifying the problem.  But,  if they are busy running their own establishment—even if they are well intentioned—and simply place the letter down and forget about it.  No one can say for certain if that piece of mail will ever get properly delivered.

            The Virtual Mailbox should be considered an absolute must for the modern day businesses so as to ensure mail is delivered securely, timely, and without issue.  Traveling Mailbox offers very affordable prices and the customer service is excellent.  If you are reading this blog entry and run a business, you should highly consider opening a Virtual Mailbox with Traveling Mailbox (