Mail Scanning Services

Postal Mail Scanning Services are the bread and butter here at Traveling Mailbox. Included with every subscription, you have the ability to request your mail to be scanned. We will scan it in full color so you can view it in PDF Format from anywhere in the world.

  • All envelopes are barcoded

    Every mail item that arrives at our facility is hand sorted and then applied with a unique barcode that identifies that particular envelope. This barcode is scanned each time an action is performed on the envelope.

  • Envelope Scanning

    After your envelopes have received their unique barcode, we then scan the outside of each envelope so you can see what you have received. We never open an envelope without your express consent.

  • Secure Virtual Mailbox

    Upon subscribing, customers can view their postal mail online via their secure online portal. All requests are done via this portal which is available via Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Website, iOS App and Android App.

  • Full Color Content Scans

    All accounts include the ability to have your postal mail opened and scanned. Upon logging into your Traveling Mailbox, you can request the contents of an envelope to be scanned. We perform this action within a few hours of your request and allow you to view the contents securely in PDF Format.

Open and Scan

Use the Standard Auto Open and Scan option to request the contents of envelopes to be scanned and uploaded to your account in PDF Format. (Included with your Subscription)

Quick Scan

Utilize Quick Scan to get the contents of important items scanned within 10 minutes. ($5 Fee)

Auto Open & Scan

Want the contents of your envelopes to automatically be opened and scanned as soon as we upload them to your account? From Preferences, enable Auto Open and Scan.

Flex Scan

Flex Scan offers you the ability to have more control. All plans include a certain amount of page scans for free each month. Flex Scan is the same as a regular Open and Scan but the page scans do not count towards your monthly limits. ($2.50 Fee)

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