Traveling Mailbox


Your Mail Anywhere!

Travel and still get paid!

With a Traveling Mailbox, travel anywhere in the world and as your checks arrive in the mail, let us send them directly to your bank to be deposited.


Benefits of Check Deposit Services with a Traveling Mailbox

depositanywhereDeposit from Anywhere – Deposit your personal and business checks from anywhere in the world!



Tbarcoderack from Anywhere – Rest easy and track your check all the way to the bank with a reliable and up-to-date tracking number.



walletAffordable and Reliable – Your checks are sent from our facility within 24 hours. We help you save time and money!





How it Works

newenvelope1. A new envelope arrives in your online mailbox. Upon receiving the scanned contents, you discover a check that needs to be deposited.


displaycheck2. After viewing your scanned check, complete the steps in your online mailbox to issue a check deposit request.

bankcheckWe endorse your check “For Deposit Only” and mail your check to your bank. Checks usually take around 24 hours to deposit after arriving to the bank.



Popular Banks


























Frequently Asked Questions

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What shipping methods are available?
Can I consolidate checks and ship them together?
How long does it take for my check to be deposited?
Do you provide phone support?