View Your Postal Mail Anywhere!

A Traveling Mailbox is designed to be affordable, hassle-free, and simple! We have been providing virtual mailbox solutions with Mail Forwarding & Postal Mail Scanning services since 2011. Since then, thousands of Travelers, Expats, Digital Nomads, and Businesses have taken used Traveling Mailbox to manage their postal mail online anywhere in the world 24/7, 365 days a year!

View your Postal Mail Online

Eliminate trips to the post office with a virtual mailbox. We notify you via email when your mail has been scanned and available for viewing.

Open and Scan

Request the contents of your mail to be scanned and view them in PDF Format!

Mail Forwarding

Keep your digital scans forever in your account and get the physical copies delivered to you anywhere!


Send your PDF’s to services like Evernote,, Google Drive, and Dropbox with our Integrations!

Email & Push Notifications

Email and/or Push Notifications are available each time you receive new mail and when a task is completed.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Your scanned Envelope and PDF images and stored securely in your online mailbox for free until you delete them.

Shipping Discounts

It is our goal to provide the most affordable services. We provide great shipping rates!

Mobile App

Access your Traveling Mailbox via our Apps on Android and iOS or use our mobile site.

Deposit your Checks Remotely

Receive postal mail, packages, and checks in your online mailbox. We can forward your packages anywhere and send your checks to the bank!

Package Forwarding

Receive packages from companies like Amazon and we will forward them to you anywhere in the world!

Virtual Office

Mail Letters and Send/Receive Faxes directly from your Traveling Mailbox!

Check Deposit Services

Receive a check in the mail? We will mail your checks directly to your bank to be deposited!

Quick Document Scanning

With QuickScan, you can receive the contents of your envelopes within minutes!


Create and sort your mail into various folders so you can keep your mail organized while you travel.

No Junk!

You can mark items as junk in your online mailbox and we will shred them on site for free!

Customer Service

Live Customer Support available via Phone, Live Chat and Email 7 days a week!

Virtual Mailbox Security

Your postal mail enters our secure facility under 24/7 surveillance instead of sitting in your mailbox out by the road. 

Learn more about the steps we take to protect your identity and the ensure safe delivery of your postal mail to you online anywhere in the world.

Check out your Traveling Mailbox!

Traveling Mailbox Support

Traveling Mailbox provides customer support 7 days a week via Live Chat, Phone, and Email all from our headquarters and from Traveling Mailbox staff only. Our support is not outsourced or delegated to anyone else!

Vartan Narikian
in the last week
I've been using this service for the last 10 years. Great service. I highly recommend.
Steve McGee
in the last week
Honestly, I thought this mailing service was great! I liked the service so much that I've held on to it for a while even after moving back to a permanent residence. In the meantime I will be taking advantage of the 'membership' so that I'm instantly ready to subscribe again when the time comes. I'm going to miss getting ALL of my mail scanned to PDF till then though. I'll definitely do some long-term travel in the future and Traveling Mailbox will be my mail service for sure! Thanks for a great experience, I'll be sure to tell anyone I know that needs a mailing service about you guys.
Roxanne Howell
in the last week
Traveling Mailbox provides exceptional customer service and mailing services. When I was traveling a lot, I could always count on receiving my mail, even better than the in-person mail service at my home. If I had question or concern, I could always count on knowledgeable agents to assist me in a timely fashion.
in the last week
I used the Traveling Mailbox services for three years. During this time I never had one single issue. The service is top notch and very professional. I would highly recommend this company to everyone that is traveling or just want to use them to service your mail needs instead of using your home address. Traveling mailbox has excellent customer service, easy to reach and great at explaining what they can offer. Please try them, you won't be disappointed.
Guy InDC
in the last week
I was very satisfied with my 6 years of Traveling Mailbox while I was living overseas. The service level was amazing, the tools were easy to use, and I can say that I never once had an issue. Thanks for the team’s work!