Check Deposits

Travel and still get paid!

With a Traveling Mailbox, travel anywhere in the world and as your checks arrive in the mail, let us send them directly to your bank to be deposited.

How it Works

Envelope with Check Arrives

A new envelope arrives in your online mailbox. Upon receiving the scanned contents, you discover a check that needs to be deposited.

Request Deposit

After viewing your scanned check, complete the steps in your online mailbox to issue a check deposit request.

Funds Deposited!

We endorse your check "For Deposit Only" and ship it to your bank with tracking. Checks typically deposit within 24 hours of arriving.

Popular Banks

Frequently Asked Questions

We can mail checks to virtually any bank that allows checks to be mailed in to a local branch or office. At this time, we do not know of any bank where our service cannot be utilized.

The Check Deposit Service is available on all plans. However, additional fees do apply. It is $4.95 per check plus postage. For example, if you have one check to deposit it is $4.95 + Postage. (Note: All checks are sent with a Tracking Number.)

We mail out all checks to your bank with a tracking number. USPS and FedEx Shipping options are available. Overnight shipping is also available.

Absolutely. You can collect several checks at any given time and ship them together in one envelope directly to your bank to be deposited. This will help you save on postage costs.

This varies per banking institution. However, most checks are deposited within 24 hours of being received at your bank. We mail out all checks from out facility within 24 hours of receiving the completed Check Deposit Request.