The USPS Form 1583

What is the USPS Form 1583? Anyone, whether an individual or a business, when using a private mailbox service from a private company, must complete the USPS Form 1583. This form must be completed and all customers must submit two forms of ID to verify your identity. The team at Traveling Mailbox handle the setup of your form for you from start to finish. It's easy and we will guide you every step of the way.

  • Authorization

    We must have a completed USPS Form 1583 on file for each name that mail will be received under along with two forms of ID.

  • Does NOT forward your mail!

    Important! The USPS Form 1583 does not forward your mail to Traveling Mailbox. This form simply establishes a private mailbox agreement with Traveling Mailbox.

  • Electronic Signature / Notary / Video

    Traveling Mailbox handles the completion of the USPS Form 1583 from start to finish. We must verify your identity and your signature with a Notary or via a Video Call with our Team.

  • Privacy Guaranteed

    Traveling Mailbox never shares your information with anyone except for the U.S. Post Office. Your identity and Privacy are top priorities here at Traveling Mailbox.

How many recipients (names) can I have on my mailbox?

Each Traveling Mailbox plan includes a certain amount of recipients. These can be other individuals, business names, spouses etc …

How do I complete the USPS Form 1583?

The USPS Form 1583 can be completed in your Traveling Mailbox upon logging in for the first time after subscribing to the service. It is a one page form that our system will walk you through completing. It can be completed typically within a few minutes.

Do I need to provide ID to use your service?

Yes! The USPS Form 1583 requires two forms of ID for each recipient that will be on your mailbox with us. Here is a list of acceptable forms of ID:

  • Valid Driver’s License or State ID Card.
  • Armed Forces, Government, University or Recognized Corporate ID Card.
  • Passport
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Current Lease, Mortgage or Deed of Trust
  • Voter or Vehicle Registration Card
  • Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy

Note: At least one form of ID must include a photo. Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, and Credit Cards are unacceptable.

Do I need to get the USPS Form 1583 Notarized?

No! Traveling Mailbox is one of the only providers who handle your form from start to finish. Upon completing your form in your account, you are able to setup a video appointment with our team who will verify your identity, E-Sign your form, and complete the setup process with you. This also presents a great opportunity to connect with our team and ask any questions that you may have!

Do I complete the USPS Form 1583 if I am overseas?

Yes. Any customer who subscribes to a Traveling Mailbox will need to complete the USPS Form 1583. However, even though you may be living outside of the United States, Traveling Mailbox can easily conduct a video call with you to complete the USPS Form 1583 verification. Appointments are available all day with our team and can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

What happens after I complete the USPS Form 1583?

A Quick Recap. In order to get started with a Traveling Mailbox, simply signup for a subscription. After subscribing, you will login to your account to complete the USPS Form 1583. After completing the 1583, all you need to do is issue a change of address to the new address we provide for you or contact senders of your mail and give them your new address directly. That’s it! After that, as your mail arrives, we will scan it so you can view it online or forward it to you anywhere in the world!

How can I contact you for help?

Easy! We are available 7 days a week via Phone, Live Chat, and Email. Call us at 855-749-1737 or utilize the chat in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. Email us at

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