Mail Forwarding Services

A Traveling Mailbox provides the perfect solutions for Travelers, RVers, Expats, Digital Nomads, and others the ability to not only view their postal online, but receive their postal mail physically not only fast, but affordably and anywhere in the world!

  • Mail Forwarding

    Upon viewing your mail in your Traveling Mailbox, you can tell us which items you wish to forward and where.

  • Multiple Shipping Carriers

    You can select from a multitude of shipping carriers such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS. We guarantee the lowest cost shipping of any Company in the industry.

  • Package Forwarding

    We can forward your packages too! Send your packages to us and we can forward them anywhere in the world. Customs preparation is included for FREE!

  • Lowest Shipping Rate Promise

    Traveling Mailbox guarantees that you will receive the lowest shipping rates in the industry. We pass our bulk discounts directly to you.

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Mail Forwarding for every lifestyle

Mail Forwarding isn't just a temporary fix for your latest move. Virtual Mailboxes and Mail Forwarding Services provide the ideal system for:

RV Owners

You didn't buy an RV to be stuck in one spot waiting for your mail. It's even in the name! A Virtual Mailbox with mail forwarding capabilities lets you sort your mail and then forward it anywhere in the world including a local post office nearby. Want to view your postal mail online? We can do that too. Use your online portal to request that we open and scan your postal mail so you can view it in PDF format.


Whether you're jet-setting or living somewhere abroad, going out of town means you'll be away from your home mailbox. Making a mail plan is definitely one of the less glamorous parts of travel, but it doesn't have to be a pain. With a virtual mailbox and mail forwarding service, your mail stays at a secure location until you return. If you receive any urgent bills, checks, or essential letters, they're simple to view and process through your online portal. 

Military Personnell

No matter where you're stationed, you need to stay on top of important documents (and receive packages). A mail forwarding services helps you keep in touch with the people and places that matter most while you're serving your Country. Moving around? No problem. A virtual mailbox acts as your permanent home address no matter where you are. Once we receive your letters and packages, you'll simply tell us what to do!

Startups and Businesses

New businesses of any size require a physical mailing address-legally and logistically. With a mail forwarding service, you can manage your LLC while keeping your personal home address private. Plus, you'll avoid the onslaught of advertisements and fliers that seem to inundate all new businesses.

a week ago
I was a client of Traveling Mailbox for about 6-7 years. I have found the service excellent with many handy features. Customer Service has been prompt and efficient and the check deposit option incredibly practical. As I am now back in the US with a physical address, therefore, I no longer need the service.
a month ago
Five star all the way. I did all my research on mailing companies and went with Traveling Mailbox based on the amazing reviews. It’s true. They do a great job. They are totally available to help you get started. There are a few steps because mail is real and you should be glad they confirm it’s really you with a quick zoom call. Very affordable for the quality service they provide. The software is easy to use. They are super all around.
a week ago
Traveling Mailbox provide good service. This is the second year I’ve used them when I travel with my RV. Unlike some other mail services, you can pay for only the months you use them. (They now offer a service for a small fee that allows you to maintain your address/information on file, making starting and stopping even easier. ) The only “complaint” I have is the amount of time between when something is sent to my house versus when it shows up in my online mailbox. (I know when it gets to my house via USPS informed delivery.) None the less, overall I'm happy with the service and plan to use again on my future lengthy RV trips
a month ago
We have used Traveling Mailbox for almost four years while residing outside the US. It was one of the few things we never had to concern ourselves with as expats. Quick and easy to set-up, use and function with while overseas. Easy peasy and a good value. Never hesitate to recommend to fellow expats. We have had to return to the US full time because of family so at least for now we have stopped using. But if we get to head out again around the world somewhere it will be one of the main services we rely on.
3 weeks ago
The best mail forwarding/online mailbox service there is. We used Traveling Mailbox for six years while we were out of the country. I truly don’t know what we would’ve done without it. We used the address for everything, including the IRS and Social Security. Also excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Forwarding without limitations.

No service duration limits, no hidden fees, no restrictions on forwarding frequency. With Traveling Mailbox, you control how long you need the service, what you pay, and how frequently you forward your mail. You also have full transparency into what you receive. Rest assured, no letter gets left behind.

Shop anywhere, anytime with Package Forwarding.

You never have to worry about “being home” to receive a package ever again. Shop online, send your purchases our way, and then simply choose when and where you want to receive them. We’ll keep your packages safe and sound until you’re in a location where you can receive your packages. 

Worried about paying for multiple package shipping? Worry no more! We consolidate and repack your items if necessary to send them off in one affordable shipment. You can also insure your packages with us for a low additional cost.

What makes Our Mail Forwarding Unique?

You'll Pay Less

With Traveling Mailbox, you get the most affordable virtual mailbox and mail forwarding service on the market with top-tier security and features.

You'll get worldwide, 24/7 access.

Traveling Mailbox forward mail anywhere in the world. Wherever you can connect to WiFi, you'll have 24/7 control over your virtual mailbox and forwarding.

You can store everything.

You won't need to sort and shred your mail when you have unlimited Cloud Storage. If you want to hold onto envelopes or PDF Scans, you can!

Mobile App

Our mobile app lets you view your mail anytime, anywhere. Simply log onto your account to request actions on your mail and packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mail Forwarding Service?

Traveling Mailbox began scanning postal mail for individuals, travelers, businesses, expats, and other in 2011. Since then, we have services tens of thousands of customers all over the world and continue to do so today. We give you a physical address to use where you then send your postal mail to. We will scan the outside of each envelope so you can see what you have received. After that, you simply tell us to open and scan the contents, forward the item wherever you are, or shred it securely on site.

How much does Mail Forwarding Cost?

Traveling Mailbox can forward your mail to you for a low fee of Postage + $2 per shipment (not per piece).

Where can I ship my postal mail to?

Anywhere! Campgrounds, General Delivery, P.O. Boxes, Hotels, different Countries, literally anywhere! Thats why our slogan is "Your Mail Anywhere!".

Does my postal mail have to be opened and scanned?

No! We scan the outside of each envelope first before you tell us what to do so if you would rather have an item forwarded vs opened and scanned, that is certainly possible.

How do I view my postal mail?

All postal mail received is scanned securely into your online portal which can be access via a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, iOS or Android Apps. All of your postal mail is scanned into PDF format which can be easily read on any device.

How does Traveling Mailbox receive my mail?

In order to get your mail to us while you are traveling, simply complete a change of address at or contact senders of your mail and give them the address we give you directly. We will receive your postal mail, scan it online for you to view, or forward it wherever you are!

Do I have to forward all of my mail?

No, you do not have to forward all of your mail. Once your mail is received at our facility, you can log into your account, choose the pieces of mail you want to forward, and the rest can be securely shredded on site for free or we can hold on to them until a later date.

How does Traveling Mailbox forward my mail?

At your say so! Once you log into your portal to view your mail, you'll have an option to forward as many or as few pieces as you like. Simply select the forwarding option, enter an address, select your shipping method, and we'll take it the rest of the way.

How long does it take to receive my forwarded mail?

We'll forward your mail from our facility within one business day. (Same Day Shipping Options are available as well). Shipping will depend on your location and the carrier you choose? We work with a multitude of shipping carriers including USPS, FedEx, and UPS so you can select the best service for your needs.

What is the difference between mail forwarding and a mail transfer service?

Absolutely nothing! Mail transfer is simply another term for mail forwarding. They both move mail from an initial address to your current address.

Can I use mail forwarding if I travel in an RV?

Absolutely! Mail forwarding is ideal for travelers of all kinds. If your home doesn't have a mailing address, simply choose a nearby post office or suitable mailing location and we'll forward your mail there.

What happens to the mail I don't want?

Any junk mail or other mail you don't want is shredded for free!

Do I have to forward checks to deposit them?

Nope! We're happy to deposit any checks on your behalf. We'll simply need your authorization and bank address. Learn More Here.