Virtual Mailbox Security

Perhaps the most common question that we get here at Traveling Mailbox is, how secure is an online or virtual mailbox? The privacy and security of our subscribers is our top priority here at Traveling Mailbox.

We guarantee that your private information will remain just that and confidential while your mail is in our hands. With a virtual mailbox, your mail will arrive in a secure facility instead of sitting in your mailbox out by the street. View some of our security highlights below.

Secure Facility

Once your mail is delivered to us, it will be immediately placed under video surveillance.


We barcode each and every envelope that we receive. This barcode will be scanned each and every time we touch your mail.

You're the Boss!

We scan the outside of each envelope and then you tell us what to do. We won't open your mail unless you tell us to.

Shredding on Site

Shredding has always been free at Traveling Mailbox. Your mail is securely shredded on site.

hipaa virtual mailbox

HIPAA Compliant

Traveling Mailbox is fully HIPAA Compliant! - We take the privacy of your data extremely important. Our entire team is trained on HIPAA Compliance protocols to ensure potential sensitive health information is kept confidential. If you are on the Extended Plan or higher, we offer the ability to execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Traveling Mailbox Security & Redundancy

Traveling Mailbox has built its own custom mail facility to handle our operations. Our facility has automatic generators standing by in the event of a power failure. Our facility has multiple fiber internet lines that are completely independent and redundant. All customer data is securely encrypted and replicated multiple times to other targets. All of our systems are monitored 24/7, 365 days per year. Our goal is to remain operating no matter what comes our way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Traveling Mailbox thoroughly screens all potential team members. Employees routinely go through security awareness training and HIPAA Compliance and training. 

Yes! The security and privacy of your postal mail is one of the reasons we started Traveling Mailbox. Furthermore, if you are on an Extended Plan or high, we can execute a Business Associate Agreement.

Only if you tell us to! When your mail arrives, we will scan the outside of the envelope and it is then shown to you. Then you can have the item opened and scanned or forwarded to you anywhere in the world. 

Yes! You can secure your account beyond a traditional username and password by deploying Two Factor Authentication on your account. SMS Text or the use of an Authenticator App of your choice.

Yes! Shredding is included on all accounts and is totally free.