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"Traveling Mailbox is a key element of my identity protection plan because it eliminates an identity thief's favorite target - my mailbox." - Craig


Perhaps the most frequently asked question that we get here at Traveling Mailbox is, how secure is an online mailbox? The privacy and security of our customers is our top priority here at Traveling Mailbox.

We guarantee that your private information will remain private and confidential while your mail is in our hands. In addition, with an online mailbox, your mail will arrive in a secure facility instead of sitting in your mailbox out by the street until you get home.


authorizeWe are Authorized – Traveling Mailbox is authorized by the United States Postal Service to receive your postal mail. We work closely with the USPS to ensure that you mail is handle securely.


controlYou tell us what to do – When your postal mail arrives, we will scan the outside of the envelope. You can then decide what you want us to do next. We will not open and scan your mail unless you tell us to.


eviconYour confidentiality is protected – Traveling Mailbox has worked extensively on setting up a secure facility and online programs with regular backups of your data and constant monitoring to ensure your data stays secure.

securityYour Postal Mail is Secure – Instead of your postal mail being delivered and left in your mailbox out by the road, your mail will arrive to us and immediately be secured and under video surveillance.


barcodeWe Intelligently sort your mail – As your postal mail arrives, it is given a unique barcode identifying it. This barcode will follow your mail wherever it goes ensuring we keep track of it at all times.


shreddingSecure Shredding – All mail that is requested to be shredded by you, is shredded on site. This includes mail that is sensitive and mail that is not. We do not take any chances with your mail and we ensure that all mail is shredded to maintain complete confidentially .



thumbupTraveling Mailbox is trusted by thousands of travelers, individuals, and businesses in over 47 Countries worldwide. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with your online mailbox and we are confident that it will help you manage your postal mail easier and more efficiently. Learn More about our Company Here and Meet our Team Here



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