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A few words about us

We’re a friendly team dedicated to serving you! Our mission is to provide high quality mail scanning and forwarding services at an affordable price and deliver exceptional customer service.


Why Choose Us?

Traveling Mailbox serves thousands of travelers, expats, digital nomads, businesses, individuals and others in over 47 Countries by scanning their postal mail so they can view it online anywhere in the world. We provide customer service 7 days a week so if you need assistance, we are just a phone call away.  




Believe In What We Do

The Traveling Mailbox team takes extraordinary pride in what we do by investing tons of time and energy into providing a great service. We believe that providing exceptional customer service is extremely important to you and we pride ourselves in providing live chat, phone, and email support. We also believe your time is valuable which is why we guarantee quick scanning of your documents so you can view them online, even as quick as 10 minutes!





Some Facts About Us

Traveling Mailbox has grown tremendously since accepting its first customers on Sept. 1 2011. We grew from just a few partners in Greenville, NC to many partners spread out across the United States. We scan thousands of envelopes and documents a day and ship mail and packages to dozens of Countries around the world. It is truly amazing how far we have come.


2.7 Million

Envelopes Scanned


4.9 Million

Documents Scanned



lbs of mail shredded




What Our Customers Say:

I am extremely happy with the Traveling Mailbox service and I use it because I am currently traveling full time.  When I decide to stop traveling and put down some roots I will continue using the service because I get ZERO junk mail and it is more environment friendly than the alternative.  You guys are always quick to process requests and forward mail and it is greatly appreciated.- Brian
TM is helping us manage our responsibilities in America from Morocco as we work in the US Peace Corps.  We have had great service so far!- Barbara
Best service by far I have ever encountered. Ever since I changed my address and took my local post office out of the loop I can rest assured that my mail is being delivered effectively once again. The ease of use of the online console is very important and useful as well. - Dan


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