Traveling Mailbox Testimonials & Reviews

Traveling Mailbox has been serving travelers, RVers, Expats, Snowbirds, Businesses and others since 2011. Tens of thousands of active and former customers have trusted us to handle their postal mail and forward their packages no matter where they are/were in the world! Traveling Mailbox handles the entire setup and processing of your virtual mail from start to finish by our dedicated U.S. team. We take pride in our work and our customer service. We are available 7 days a week for mail processing and support. See below what some of our customers are saying about us!

I have been using Traveling Mailbox since about August 2023. I love this service! As someone who was in the middle of a move last summer and also traveling internationally, it made the most sense to have a safe spot for my forwarded mail to land until I secured my next home. For such a small fee I was able to be secure about my mail during that interim period and never had any issues! I loved having access online as well because I'm paperless! The syncing tools to Google made it simple to keep everything backed up. Definitely go with Traveling Mailbox if you need an interim mail or traveling mail solution that doesn't break the bank!
We really appreciate MyTraveling Mailbox. Their product is very good. We really like the opportunity to receive our mail electronically. Plus, and most important, their customer service is first class, always reliable and always helpful, no matter the question. It’s also good to know that they have various membership plans that provide flexibility to add or remove mail forwarding without having to reapply to the Postal Service. Keep up the good work and keep improving.
I am very satisfied with the service. It is highly beneficial for travelers like myself in keeping up with their mails. The mail scanning and forwarding services have consistently been quick and precise, and the website interface is user-friendly and efficient to use. Recommending it to others who may need it in the future.
I found Traveling Mailbox to be a very reliable service at a very reasonable monthly cost. The website is well designed and easy to use. It gives me peace of mind when I travel.
The service that Traveling Mailbox provides was perfect for extended travel. It was very easy to access and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend them and definitely would use them again.

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