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Basic Plan

  • $15
    per month
  • Ideal for most with plenty of page scans.
  • 40 Incoming Envelopes / Month
  • 35 Page Scans / Month
  • 3 Mailbox Recipients
  • FREE Mail Shredding
  • Get Started!
  • More Traveling Mailbox Features

Extended Plan

  • $25
    per month
  • Receive more envelopes and more page scans!
  • 100 Incoming Envelopes / Month
  • 80 Page Scans / Month
  • 5 Mailbox Recipients
  • FREE Mail Shredding
  • Get Started!
  • More Traveling Mailbox Features

Small Business Plan

  • $55
    per month
  • Ideal for businesses and larger households.
  • 200 Incoming Envelopes / Month
  • 180 Page Scans / Month
  • 10 Mailbox Recipients
  • FREE Mail Shredding
  • Get Started!
  • More Traveling Mailbox Features

Enterprise Standard

  • $99
    per month
  • Enterprise Account with our NC Address
  • 50% Off the First Month!
  • 500 Incoming Envelopes / Month
  • 500 Page Scans / Month
  • FREE Mail Shredding
  • Get Started!

Enterprise Custom

  • Custom
    per month
  • Enterprise Account with our NC Address
  • 50% Off the First Month!
  • $1 per Envelope Digitized
  • Unlimited Page Scans
  • FREE Mail Shredding
  • Call Us!


  • Coupon Code for 50% Off: ent50
  • Junk Mail doesn’t count!
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • 1 Business Associate Agreement
  • Check Deposit Available (Extra Fee)
  • Add Mailbox Recipients
  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Support & Mail Processing 7 Days a Week!

iconTraveling Mailbox proudly serves thousands of RVers, digital nomads, snowbirds, individuals, families, businesses, cruisers and others worldwide and helps many people manage their postal mail online while they travel. Not only do we scan your postal mail so you can view it online, but we provide other services as well. Scroll through the following tabs and visit our Features page to learn more about what we have to offer. Have Questions? Call us at 855-749-1737.

ScannerA Traveling Mailbox is primarily used to view your postal mail securely online from anywhere in the world. Here is how it works: We scan each envelope that comes to your mailbox and post it to your online mailbox. You then login to your mailbox from anywhere and tell us what to do. We can open and scan the contents, forward the item anywhere in the world, shred it, or you can hold the envelope to initiate an action at a later time. 


Worried about going over your plan limits? Your unused Envelope and Page Scans rollover on our Extended, Small Business, and Enterprise Plans. Rollover scans add great flexibility and make your Traveling Mailbox more versatile than ever!


We scan your mail 7 days a week! Requests are usually completed within a few hours or less! Learn More about our processing hours.

forward mailA Traveling Mailbox is primarily used by customers to view their postal mail online. We scan everything from the outside envelope to the contents inside. However, often customers need to get their hands on a physical piece of mail. No problem! We can forward your mail to you anywhere in the world via the USPS and UPS. You can forward your mail as often as you like from within your online portal and even bundle your mail to save you on postage.


Your Traveling Mailbox comes with great shipping rates! View them Here.


We can bundle your mail to save you on postage. We also ship anywhere in the world!

Your Traveling Mailbox comes with a host of other features to make your life easier –


Mail A Letter – With a Traveling Mailbox, you can now Mail A Letter directly from your Online Mailbox from anywhere in the world! Forget about having stamps around, paper around, and trips to the post office. Let us do all of the work!


Send & Receive Faxes – A Toll-Free Fax Number is available on any of the above plans. Send and Receive faxes for FREE in your Traveling Mailbox!


HIPAA Compliant! – Traveling Mailbox understands that everyone’s data must be kept confidential and private. Traveling Mailbox is fully HIPAA Compliant and we can provide Business Associate Agreements as well. Please contact us at [email protected] Extended+


bankstatementOne of our more popular services is our check deposit service. With a Traveling Mailbox, you can continue to travel and let us handle depositing your checks. Its simple! – If you get a check in the mail, we will mail it directly to your bank to be deposited. Most checks are deposited in your bank account within 2-3 days of us shipping your check. Want to learn more? Click Here


Our Check Deposit Services are compatible with all banks!

recipientDo you need to add more people to your account so they can receive their mail at your mailbox or do you need to add your business to your account? Each plan includes a certain amount of recipients. This can include your spouse, other individuals, other businesses etc … 


locationYour Traveling Mailbox can be located at one of our 25+ available addresses. You do not necessarily have to pick an address that is in your State where you live or one that is closest to you. Customers may have multiple addresses but additional fees and restrictions may apply. Please contact us at 855-749-1737 for more information. View all of our available addresses here.


Traveling Mailbox only provides real physical street addresses. We do not provide PO Boxes.

phoneiconWe provide support via Email, Live Chat, and Phone! No matter where you are in the world, you can reach us! Please visit our Support page to learn more about the various ways to contact us. You can also always check the status and updates about upcoming maintenance windows Here. We have also compiled a comprehensive FAQ Section that answers most questions. Sales & Support – 855-749-1737


Traveling Mailbox provides support via Email, Phone, and Live Chat 7 days a week. View our hours Here.

With a Traveling Mailbox, you can access your postal mail from anywhere in the world via a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Phones/Tablets powered by Android, iPhone’s, and iPad’s. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


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How often will you forward my mail?

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Does junk mail count towards my incoming envelopes?

How much does it cost if I go over my plan limits?

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