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Three Types of Professionals that Need a Virtual Mailbox from


With the pace of business today, graduates should be handed a pair of track shoes along with their diplomas. Always on the go, professionals are constantly looking for that new tool or technology to give them a competitive edge.

Meet the virtual mailbox solution offered by Traveling Mailbox, LLC. After being assigned a physical address attached to an online mailbox, users will receive an email notification each time new mail arrives. They can then choose to have that mail opened and scanned so that it can be read from anywhere. Mail can also be forwarded, shredded, or saved for later, and checks can be sent to a bank for depositing. 

While a virtual mailbox can benefit almost anyone, here are three types of professionals who shouldn’t do business without it.

1. Lawyers: In recent years, newly minted lawyers have faced a job market that’s been like a stiff head wind. But instead of waiting it out, many lawyers have struck out on their own and started their own practice. Armed with computer skills and a can-do attitude, these legal entrepreneurs work almost entirely online, foregoing the cost of an office and staff. Networking and marketing skills are the keys to success, but this leaves little time for sorting through the mail.

With a virtual mailbox, lawyers can respond to new mail immediately, giving them more time to speak with clients and strategize on how to win their case. So whether they are battling it out in the Supreme Court, county court, or food court, with a virtual mailbox lawyers can stay on top of business without ever missing an objection. 

2. Real Estate Agents: Even before the tech revolution, real estate agents were always on the move. Visiting new properties, meeting with clients, attending open houses, if any type of professional needs a good pair of shoes, it’s a real estate agent.

Most agents are independent contractors which means they essentially run their own business and work entirely on commission. Time is money, and they can’t get bogged down with the messy paperwork that comes through the mail. Therefore, real estate agents make the perfect candidates for virtual mailboxes, leaving them more time to show houses and seal the deal. 

3. E-Commerce Store Owners: Online sellers are the new wave of store owners. Buyers now can shop from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day. Making a purchase is as easy as clicking the buy button, and shipments can be tracked in real time.

Moreover, an online business is the perfect starting point for today’s entrepreneur. With low start-up costs and the ability to work from anywhere in the world, today’s e-commerce professionals are learning to create their own paycheck.

Yet, with this added freedom comes added responsibility, and staying on top of the mail is critical to success. For business owners, renewing an LLC or an insurance policy on time can have significant consequences. But a virtual mailbox solves all of that. Whether designing their new logo, packing and shipping an order, or going that extra mile for a customer, with a virtual mailbox e-commerce sellers won’t miss a thing. 

For an easy and affordable virtual mailbox solution, look no further than Paying as little as $15 per month, business owners can choose an address from more than a dozen states, and signup takes only minutes. For professionals looking for that competitive edge, visit for the answer.


Written by Matthew Allabastro