Traveling Mailbox Launches New Package Forwarding Plans


The Traveling Mailbox Team is pleased to announce its new package forwarding plans. These plans are designed to target individuals and small businesses who need help managing their packages. With our package management system, you are given a US Street address to have your packages shipped to. We will scan the shipping labels and upload them to your online account so you can see where they are from and any other important information contained on the shipping label. We can store your packages, consolidate your items, repack your items, and ship them anywhere in the world! Best of all, we have partnered with UPS to give you awesome shipping discounts. The more you ship, the more you save! Click here to learn more.

We will be releasing more information on this new services over the next weeks a long with many new services coming to Traveling Mailbox. If your interested in our package forwarding services, please contact sales at 1-855-749-1737