Cloud Backups Now Available with your Traveling Mailbox!

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Traveling Mailbox is pleased to announce the latest feature addition – Traveling Mailbox Vault. Download the Traveling Mailbox Vault Desktop client to get started!


Backup important files and documents to the Traveling Mailbox Vault. An ideal solution for individuals and businesses who wish to digitize their files.




Backup entire Folders on your devices to the Traveling Mailbox Vault so they can be easily restored or retrieved at a later date.




Backup your most precious memories including photos and videos. This is a great feature for travelers!




The Traveling Mailbox Vault is free for customers on the Extended (100GB), Small Business (500GB), and Enterprise Plans (1TB).


How do I get started?

  1. Login to your Online Mailbox and activate The Traveling Mailbox Vault by clicking the slider.
  2. Enter in your Password for the Vault Service.
  3. Install and login to your desktop backup client and begin backing up files!



Encryption, Security, & Redundancy

All data transferred and stored  in the Traveling Mailbox Vault is encrypted with 256-bit AES Encryption with high-entropy random keys. We are unable to decrypt your data so only you can recover your data. All keys are generated on your desktop client and not by Traveling Mailbox.

The Traveling Mailbox Vault Servers are hosted at the Traveling Mailbox data center in the United States. Our facility has automatic generators standing by in the event of a power failure and are fed by Natural Gas. This means we can run for as long as necessary during the event of a loss of power for an extended period of time. Our facility is fed by multiple fiber optic lines supplying an ample amount of connectivity to our facility. Traveling Mailbox is also fully multi-homed with our own IP Block. Our facility has someone on site for security 24/7 and is under full audio and video surveillance at all times including cameras with Facial Recognition Software.Our facility also has multiple alarm systems.

Traveling Mailbox is also HIPAA Compliant and we can provide BAA Agreements as well.

For further questions or clarifications regarding security of the Traveling Mailbox Vault, please email us at



Tutorial: How to backup your first set of files.

Step 1: Login to your Traveling Mailbox Vault Desktop Program.


Step 2: Click ‘Add Protected Item’


Step 3: Name your Protected Item (Example: My Travel Photos)


Step 4: Select the File Path that you wish to backup.


Step 5: Leave Default (no extra commands) checked and click Next.


Step 6: Schedules. Click the Plus button on the right to setup a schedule if you want your Protected Item backed up on a schedule basis. If you do not, click Next and skip this section.


Step 7: Select to run your first backup.


Step 8: Select the Traveling Mailbox Vault to back up your Protected Item.


Step 9: Finish! Your backup will run!


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