4 Common Camping Mistakes That Beginners Should Avoid

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If you’re new at something, it’s okay to make mistakes. When it comes to camping, it’s a continuous learning process; meaning it will take some time before you master even the basics such as building a campfire, pitching a tent or even cooking over open fire. However, it would be helpful if you know the do’s and don’ts of enjoying the outdoors so that you know what to avoid.

Here are some common camping mistakes that you should avoid:

Not doing research on your chosen camp site

This is one of the most common camping mistakes, and it’s the biggest one. Each camp site has different set of rules and policies and it would be wrong not to do research beforehand or even call ahead. You wouldn’t want to arrive with your pets and find out that the site doesn’t allow animals or that the place requires a month ahead of booking. Don’t waste your holiday time looking for another site, do your homework.

Not making a checklist of what to bring

When it comes to camping, you have to pack more than just food, water and your tent. It is most ideal to create a checklist of essential things to bring beforehand. This way, you’ll have ample time to complete the list before the day of your trip. It also lessens the chance of you forgetting something important. Think first aid kit, medicine, bug repellent etc.

Not investing in good quality camp gear

It’s true, good quality gear is more expensive, but they will truly serve their purpose and will last longer. If you think you won’t go camping again and just need cheap supplies for one trip, you’re wrong! A good quality tent, lighting and other gear are handy to have around for any other outdoor (or even backyard) event.

Not testing out your camping gear before your trip

A camping trip indeed is exciting and we’re sure that you’ve purchased every possible gear there is in preparation. Lots of first time campers make the mistake of not trying out their equipment in advance and find out that they don’t know how a certain gear works or that it simply doesn’t work. A few days before your trip, try out your camp stove and learn how it operates. Pitch your tent in the back yard. Test out your lights. When all your gear have been tested, you’re good to go!

Avoid these common camping mistakes and your trip will be smooth-sailing!

Daniel J. Smith is a survival expert. Having lived the outdoor life since he was very young, he loves sharing his expertise about camping, hiking, traveling, RV living and many more. He has also started his own company called OutBright, which will soon be selling products that cater to campers, hikers, travellers and all outdoor-loving adventurers.


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