How to Turn Your Mailbox into a Virtual Assistant


How to Turn Your Mailbox into a Virtual Assistant


The holidays can feel like a race against time. Each day is packed with something new. One day it’s getting together with family and friends, the next it’s shopping for gifts or sending holiday cards. Add all of that to your already busy life, and the holiday season can be downright exhausting.   

If only you had a personal assistant. And why shouldn’t you? Even Santa has a dozen reindeer and all those elves, not to mention a doting Mrs. Claus, to help him. The good news is that you don’t have to have a workshop in the North Pole to get a helping hand. In fact, that helping hand doesn’t even need to belong to a real person. For $15 a month, you can get a virtual mailbox from to help you get things done.

A virtual mailbox is a physical address attached to an online mailbox. When you receive new mail–or faxes–you’ll get an email with a picture of the front the envelope. You can then choose to have the mail opened and scanned so that it can be read online. With so many capabilities, having a virtual mailbox is like having your own virtual assistant.


Faxes: A virtual mailbox is for more than just mail. You can receive and send faxes too. If you’re on the go but need to receive a fax, you can do it all from your virtual mailbox. Just like with incoming mail, will send you a notification when new faxes arrive at your designated fax number.  

Need to send a fax? Just email it to with the recipient’s fax number, and they’ll do the rest. You’ll save so much time that you won’t feel guilty about stopping for that caramel brulee latte at Starbucks. 


Send and Receive Mail:  A virtual mailbox from not only allows you to receive mail but you can send it too. Say you’re on the road, or even out of the country, and you need to have a letter sent ASAP. In today’s paperless world, you probably aren’t carrying around a pen, paper and envelope, not to mention the proper postage.

With a virtual mailbox, all you need is your smartphone, and we know you don’t leave home without that. Simply email your letter to and let them mail it. 

The time saved more than makes up for the small fee charged. This service is especially valuable to those traveling outside the country. A letter sent by will get there much faster, no matter how much postage you attach to it. However, a letter sent to the North Pole is an entirely different matter.


Receive and Deposit Checks: One of the best features of a virtual mailbox by is that you can receive checks and have them forwarded to your bank for depositing. This feature is so seamless that you’ll feel like you have your own personal banking assistant.

If you know that someone will be sending you a check but not sure if you’ll be home to receive it, have the check sent to your virtual mailbox. Once the check arrives, you can then choose to have it forwarded to your bank for depositing, all at the click of a button. Setup takes only a few minutes but the peace of mind it provides lasts much longer. With bank depositing from, you’ll have more time to enjoy your holiday vacation with the ones you love.  

You’ll be able to get a lot more done during the holidays with a virtual mailbox. However, a virtual mailbox won’t solve all your problems. When it comes to putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house, or shoveling the snow, you’re on your own.


Written by Matthew Allabastro