Your Package Forwarding FAQs Answered (2023 Update)

Demystify the magic of package forwarding and get your parcels delivered straight to you—no matter where you are!

It seems obvious: the fastest route from point A to point B is always a straight line—until you need to order a package internationally. Then, postal companies always seem to turn it into a loop-de-loop from your worst nightmares.

When you’re traveling and living abroad, you deserve access to the comforts of home. The real question then becomes: how do you hurdle complicated ecommerce international shipping rules? 

Enter: package forwarding.

But how does package forwarding work? How much does it cost? And what service should you use?

We’re so glad you asked! Let’s dig in to answer all your burning FAQs about package forwarding in 2023.

Your Package Forwarding FAQs Answered (2023 Update!)

Package Forwarding Basics in 2023

What is package forwarding?

Package forwarding is a type of service that allows you to purchase ecommerce products in one country and then have those products shipped to an address in another country. For instance, if you’re living in Japan and you want to order more Sephora makeup, you’re out of luck. They don’t ship there! However, you can order Sephora products through a package forwarding service. Sephora then sends the products to your service and the service takes care of the international shipping. 

Why do I need to forward packages?

People forward packages for many reasons! The most common reasons you might need to forward a package include:

  • You need products from another country and the company you need them from doesn’t offer international shipping. 
  • You want to take advantage of cheaper prices from international companies. 
  • You need to order bulk products and want to consolidate for more cost-effective shipping. 

USPS Package Forwarding in 2023

Can I forward packages with USPS? 

Yes! You can forward packages with USPS. USPS offers a variety of forwarding options and international services. They also offer specialized shipment and preparations for military packages including APO, FPO, and DPO shipments. 

Note: You cannot forward to multiple addresses via USPS! If you’re traveling to multiple locations within a set period, you’ll need to either forward all mail to one address or hold your mail temporarily at the post office until you return.  

What packages and mail does USPS forward?

Any and all! USPS can forward any mail or package, but costs may vary depending on your plan, the length of your plan, and the type of mail or parcel. 

How much does it cost to forward packages with USPS? 

Package forwarding services vary in price depending on the weight of the package, the distance shipped, and the speed of shipping. International package forwarding with the USPS breaks down into four categories:

  1. First-Class Package International Service: starting price of $15.75
  2. Priority Mail International: starting price of $30.35 
  3. Priority Mail Express International: starting price of $54.75
  4. Global Express Guaranteed: starting price of $71.10

As you can see, those prices are hefty! In other words, you can technically use USPS as a package forwarding service, but it’s not the best financial decision to do so.

Package Forwarding Services in 2023

What is a package forwarding service? 

A package forwarding service is a type of service that allows you to send packages to any address in the world! By using a U.S.-based physical address, package forwarding services give you a convenient way to shop online from different countries without you having to reside there. They also offer additional services that can help you save money and streamline the shipping process.

Most package forwarding services can also bundle with convenient virtual mailboxes for a comprehensive international mail experience. 

How do package forwarding services work?

Package forwarding services work through a simple four-step process! 

  1. Set up your package forwarding service account, providing your personal details and current address.
  2. Get a unique shipping address in the country where you want to shop. This address is typically a secure facility where your packages will be received.
  3. Shop online at any retailer that ships to your new unique address. When purchasing, provide your new address for shipping.
  4. Your package forwarding service receives your package.
  5. Using your service account, add the international address you want your packages sent to and choose your preferred shipping option.
  6. The package forwarding service will consolidate, repack, and ship your parcels! 

Can I ship internationally with a package forwarding service?

Absolutely! Package forwarding services are designed specifically for international shipping. 

Can I add insurance to my package forwarding service? 

Yes! Just like USPS, packaging forwarding services offer extremely affordable insurance on valuable packages. 

What carriers work with package forwarding services?

All carriers should work with package forwarding services! Since package forwarding services use a legitimate physical address to receive your mail, they can receive via any carrier that delivers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. 

Many package carriers will even offer shipping discounts through these carriers since they can ship in bulk and utilize convenient partnerships.

How much do package forwarding services cost? 

Costs vary depending on the company and the specific plan you choose, but our affordable Traveling Mailbox prices are as follows:

Basic package forwarding: NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!

  • U.S.-Based Physical Address
  • Unlimited Packages Received for Free!
  • Very Low Shipping Rates
  • Free Consolidation
  • Repacking Available ($5 per Package)
  • USPS Form 1583 NOT Required

Package forwarding AND a virtual mailbox service

  • $15/month (base plan)
  • $25/month (extended plan)
  • $55/month (small business plan)

What is the best package forwarding service?

When you need packages forwarded affordably, efficiently, and smoothly, Traveling Mailbox has your back. With bulk carrier discounts, consolidation services, international shipping, and unlimited packages, you can trust Traveling Mailbox to get your orders where they need to go at the lowest industry rates.

Traveling Mailbox combines the power of excellent package forwarding with a state-of-the-art virtual mailbox that puts the power of postage in your pocket. When your packages arrive, simply pull out your phone, enter the forwarding address, and click send. We’ll handle everything from there. 

Getting a package should be a joy, not a headache! Try Traveling Mailbox today and receive the comforts of home—no matter where you’re living.