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Enjoy the convenience of our package forwarding services by taking complete control over managing your day to day shipping needs. With our services, you can shop on popular online stores such as ebay, Amazon, Target and Walmart and receive your items anywhere in the world! We make the process easy and efficient. Signup for an account, get your US Street Address and begin purchasing your items. Once we receive your packages, you will be able to view the shipping label online. You then tell us where you would like the packages forwarded. We ship exclusively with UPS so you can receive your packages securely and fast anywhere in the world! 


US Street Address – We provide all of our customers with a street address to ship their mail & packages. We do not give you a PO Box. 


Ship Anywhere – With the help of UPS, we can ship your packages virtually anywhere in the world with full tracking. You’re in complete control!


Fast Turnarounds – We pride ourselves in offering world class customer service. We ship all packages out of our centers within 1 business day. 


Track Your Shipments – Your packages are shipped via UPS to ensure timely delivery and reliable tracking.


Package Consolidation – We will consolidate multiple shipments into one package saving you on postage. We provide all of the shipping material too!


All Couriers Accepted – We provide you with a US Street Address so you can receive packages from all couriers including UPS, FedEx and USPS. 



Package Forwarding

Get a US street address and get your packages anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions



Can my packages be consolidated?
What address do I send my packages to?
If I am only going to be receiving packages, do I still need to fill out a USPS Form 1583?
How much does it cost to forward my packages?
Can you ship Internationally?
Can you add Insurance to my packages?
What carriers can you receive packages from?



Due to the high risk of fraud, we do not receive packages originating from outside of the United States.