Package Forwarding

Shop anywhere and forward anywhere!

Enjoy the convenience of our package forwarding services by taking complete control over managing your day to day shipping needs. With our services, you can shop on popular online stores such as Ebay, Amazon, Target, Walmart and thousands of other online retailers and receive your packages anywhere in the world! We make the process easy and efficient. Signup for an account, get your U.S. Street Address and begin purchasing your items. Once we receive your packages, you will be able to view the shipping label online. You then tell us where you would like the packages forwarded. We can forward your packages anywhere in the world.

Our Warehouse

Traveling Mailbox is home to a state of the art Warehouse Facility. Our facility is climate controlled, with full video surveillance and Standby Backup Power. We barcode every single package that is embedded with an RFID Tag so we know where your package is at all times.

How it Works

Shop Online

Shop online at any retailer and send your packages to our Warehouse.


As your packages arrive, we will scan the shipping label. You then tell us where to ship your packages!


We will consolidate and repack your items if necessary and ship them to you anywhere in the world!

Package Forwarding

$ 10 /per month
Receive & Forward Packages Only
U.S. Based Physical Address
$4.95 per Package Received
Very Low Shipping Rates
Free Consolidation
Repacking Available ($5 per Package)
USPS Form 1583 NOT Required

Virtual Mailbox

$ 15 /per month
Receive Packages & Postal Mail Online
Over 50 Addresses Available
USPS Form 1583 Required

Great Shipping Rates!

Shipping Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling Mailbox allows you to buy online and have your packages shipped anywhere in the world. We consolidate to save you on shipping and prepare customs so your items get delivered fast, efficient, and on time.

Yes! This will get the overall shipping size down which will cut your postage costs down significantly. Fee: $5 per package to repack your items.

We will provide you with a real physical street address in North Carolina to use for your shopping experience.

There are no limits to how many packages you can receive. There are also no size or weight limits. Note: We charge $4.95 per package received.

No! Our Package Forwarding Plan does not require a USPS Form 1583. However, if you plan to receive mail, you will need to be on one of our Online Mailbox Plans and a USPS Form 1583 is required.

Don’t be fooled by companies who don’t have membership fees. These companies typically mark their shipping up costs and do not give you the lowest rates. Our shipping rates are typically ~50-60% lower than all other Package Forwarding Companies. These savings add up very fast, especially if you ship often.

Yes we can ship your packages to virtually any country on Earth. We can also overnight items to Canada and most packages can be delivered to any country within a couple of days via FedEx.

Yes! Insurance is generally very affordable with our shipping carrier. It is generally $2 per $100 of Insurance Coverage. For more information, please contact us.

Because we offer a US Street Address, we can receive packages from virtually any carrier. We can receive packages from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.