We Mail Letters Too!

Did you know that we can mail letters on your behalf?

Yes we can do that too! A common surprise that many customers have is that they are unaware that we can mail letters on their behalf. This is a very convenient service especially to travelers as going to the post office can take up a lot of time and is simply out of the way. How does it work? It easy! Simply email us at Support@TravelingMailbox.com with a PDF of what you would like for us to print and mail for you. Also be sure to include the Address and Shipping Service (UPS or USPS). Once we receive the email, we will print the letter(s) out for you and mail them out the same day!

How much does it cost? We simply charge $1 per page printout (Color or B/W), Postage (No markups), and a $2 mail forwarding fee. 

Note: We hope to have this fully integrated into your online mailbox very soon.

Have questions? Call us at 855-749-1737