Three Essential Tools for Digital Nomads


Three Essential Tools for Digital Nomads


While not all digital nomads are into yoga, they are all about flexibility. In today’s connected economy, these mobile professionals work on the go, shop online, and get things done from anywhere in the world.

Flexibility is paramount because digital nomads move from place to place while working, leveraging their computer skills, social network and entrepreneurial instincts. But to achieve success in this arena, they must have the right tools.

The Essentials

Airbnb: This app has revolutionized the way people think about accommodations. However, short term rentals are not a new phenomenon. European guesthouses known as “pensions” have been around for centuries.

But today, with the advent of wireless technology and mobile apps, online rentals are taking off. Mobile professionals can now rent an apartment anywhere in the world and live like a local.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this platform is to reach out to hosts beforehand and ask about special pricing. Sometimes a longer stay, or even a friendly email, can secure a lower nightly rate. As every mother once said, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Lastly, remember to book an apartment that has all the essentials for staying productive. These essentials include good wifi, a quiet environment and a writing desk.

Bring your own copy of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Mini-Storage Space: Digital nomads do not need to give away all of their possessions before setting sail. Those golf clubs, that University of Michigan sweatshirt, and the St. Pauli Girl neon sign don’t have to be donated to charity. Before hitting the road, rent a mini-storage unit and keep everything safe.

Traveling light is important. More and more airlines are charging hefty fees for checked luggage. Plus, rolling a large suitcase down a cobblestone street in Italy is never fun. 

Instead, invest in a mini-storage locker. Most storage facilities rent lockers by the month, and their prices won’t break the bank. Even in Manhattan, a 4’x4’x4’ locker starts at only $30 a month. Now whether the new girlfriend objects to the St. Pauli Girl sign is another matter.

Virtual Mailbox: This last tool is one of the most important. No matter how well the mailman is tipped during the holidays, he won’t call a homeowner in Tahiti to tell her that an important letter has arrived. But with a subscription to a virtual mailbox, that same homeowner can sit back and enjoy her Mai Tai because she’ll have access to her mail online. offers a simple and affordable solution for professionals on the go. Starting at only $15 a month, a virtual mailbox is an online mailbox that is connected to a physical address. When new mail arrives, an email with a picture of the front of the envelope is sent to the subscriber. She can then choose to have the mail opened and scanned, so that it can be read online. An important letter will never slip by again.

Whether it’s a ski trip to the Swiss Alps, Oktoberfest in Munich, or a sailing trip through the South Seas, these three tools will allow any digital nomad to work and travel like a pro.


 Written by Matthew Allabastro