Rollover Scans will begin in November 2018!

The Traveling Mailbox team is pleased to introduce a feature to your Traveling Mailbox that has long been requested – Rollover Scans! Beginning on November 1, 2018, customers on the Extended, Small Business and Enterprise Plans will see their unused Envelope & Page Scans rollover to the next month! Customers will see their rollover scans at the beginning of the month in their online mailbox by counter in the top left beside your drop down page menu. 

Note: Rollover scans max out at your plan limit. For example, on the Extended Plan, customers get 80 page scans per month. The most rollover scans that can be added to the following month is 80.

We are excited about this change and believe that it will bring added benefits to your Traveling Mailbox and make it more flexible and usable than ever! Questions? Please contact us at or call us at 855-749-1737