Planning To Travel The World? Digital Mailbox Is Your New Best Friend!


Planning To Travel The World? Digital Mailbox Is Your New Best Friend!

In this digital world, gone are the days of needing to have your mail forwarded to family or friends. You no longer need to feel guilty that someone else is watching your mail, nor worry if they’re going to tell you about important pieces in a timely manner. Digital mailboxes solve all your mail problems! Digital what?

How does the digital mailbox work?

In a nutshell, you have your mail forwarded to the address you pick. The digital mailbox team then scans the front of the envelope and e-mails it to you. You get these scans usually within 24 hours of the team receiving them. They tag the envelopes with the date received and give them a unique barcode to keep track of it. In the notification email, you’ll see a scan of the front of the envelope, and know immediately whom it’s from without having to log in. From there, you can then log into your account and can pick the option of having the contents of the envelope scanned and emailed to you or have them shred the envelope and contents. Do you need what’s inside? No worries, you can have it forwarded to you wherever you’re at in the world.

Can I pick my mailbox address?

Most mailboxes have many address choices. Say you don’t want to lose your address in Seattle, if you choose Traveling Mailbox, you can keep Seattle as your address. Would you rather pick a new state to receive your mail? There are currently 15 major cities to choose. The great thing about the address is its not a PO box, but a real address. Traveling Mailbox has partnered with many places like UPS who allow mail to be sent directly to their store. They then forward your mail to headquarters in North Carolina. Here’s a tip: If you want your mail scanned quicker, pick the North Carolina address and it will get sent straight to the headquarters.

Bonus features of having a traveling mailbox

OK, great all your mail needs are met now, but what about getting checks in the mail? You’re overseas and have no way to deposit them. No problem! Traveling mailbox can deposit your check for you! Just set up your account in your profile and you’re ready to go! What if you need to receive a package, you can have them sent to the digital mailbox too, but it needs to be sent to the headquarters in North Carolina. They will hold the package for you there until you decide where to have it forwarded.
Having a digital mailbox will make your travels less stressful, knowing you will be getting your mail on time, in the convenience of an email. You can have your mail scanned, checks deposited, and even have packages sent to your mailbox. Gone are the days of relying on relatives to manage your mail. Digital mailboxes are your one stop solution to having travel freedom without the worry of what you’re going to do with your mail.