New Apps Preparing for BETA Release This Week!

Traveling Mailbox is pleased to announce that we are now preparing for the BETA release of our new Apps! The hard work is now behind us and for the next couple of days, we are going to be adjusting a few things and then we will be ready to BETA test. We do not expect the BETA testing to require extensive work as we have worked through most of the issues at this time. The BETA versions will be for feedback and fine tuning any small nuances that may be out there. 

The Apps will function very similar to the online mailbox but on a smaller scale. You will be able to open and scan, forward, shred, hold etc .. all from your smartphone or tablet! We are making apps for Android, iOS, and Microsoft devices. 

The Apps will be free to use to all Traveling Mailbox customers. Please keep a close eye on our Twitter feed and this news feed for the latest updates on our Apps and when they will be available for download. Have questions? Please email us at