Make Money Online

“Hello, World!”

No two words are more famous in computer programming. Students learning a new language are often tasked with creating a simple program that outputs this famous phrase.

But “Hello, World!” represents something beyond computer programming. It also represents the act of going from idea to reality. The end result may be a computer program–or it may be a building, a new medicine, or even a song.

Therein lies the maxim of today’s economy: be a creator, not just a consumer.

The path is different for everyone. Nevertheless, here are a few ideas to get you thinking about your path.


Teach an Online Course:  E-Learning websites are changing the face of education.

Often catering to adult learners, online courses consist of video lectures, quizzes, and interactive webpages.

While some instructors may lack a background in education, they more than make up for it in passion for their subject. Whatever your passion is–photography, writing, yoga–you can make money teaching it online.

One of the best e-learning platforms is Teachable. This site provides a user-friendly interface for creating and monetizing your courses. Teachable will host your courses and charge you a percentage of anything that sells.

In 2017, teach the world something new!


Start a Blog: By now, everyone has heard of a blog. But not everyone knows how bloggers make money.   

There are many ways to monetize a blog. If you have enough visitors to your site you might sell advertisements. However, you need to generate a lot of traffic to make that happen.

A better approach is to sell something on your blog.

For example, say you’re a real estate agent. By blogging about your local real estate market, you may attract readers who are looking to buy or sell their homes. Include your contact information on your blog and you might just pick up a few clients.

This strategy works whether you’re selling umbrellas, baby clothes, or daycare services. The most important thing to remember is to provide useful content to your readers.

In time, your loyal readers may become your customers too.


Start a Crowdfunding Campaign for a New Product:  Have an idea for a product but don’t have the money to make it a reality? Then, crowdfunding is for you.

The online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is a great place to presell your product and get your business off the ground.

Once you come up with a compelling product idea, the formula for success is rather simple.

First, set a reasonable funding goal, a dollar amount that you need to create and sell your product. You won’t collect any money unless you meet your goal.

Next, create an interesting video that showcases your product.

Finally, once your Kickstarter campaign goes live, promote it like crazy.

Promote it to your family, friends, strangers on the subway–literally anyone who will listen. Post your campaign on social media and buy ads on Facebook and Google. Do everything you can to get the word out.

And remember, if your first Kickstarter campaign doesn’t succeed, try, try again.


So, make 2017 your year, and start making money online. Good luck and have fun!


Written by Matthew Allabastro