Mail-A-Postcard Update!

Just a quick update on the Mail-A-Postcard Feature! As we thought based on our trials from a few years ago, Mail-A-Postcard is really taking off for us and customers and  businesses are using the new feature! It is a great way to send photos and send a message to your loved ones from around the world.

In our latest update, customers can now manually enter in an address where you want your postcard to go instead of having to create and select one from the Forwarding Addresses section. This should help speed things up when sending postcards and help keep clutter down in your Traveling Mailbox.

We plan to expand the Mail-A-Postcard feature to our Apps on Android and iOS in the near future as well!

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  1. C88 September 19, 2019 - 5:59 AM


    Just a quick note from Mail-A=Postcard to test the system and see the final product.