Long Term RV Parks or Tiny Houses?

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The definition of reclaimed wood quoted from Craftmark, Inc. states: “rustic (nail & bolt holes, large knots and checking, distressed patina, circle sawn, rough cut, worm wood, etc) to nearly perfect clear vertical grain (CVG) wood that is next to impossible to find. Yes, it’s old. But it’s appealing to a new generation of homeowners, builders, designers, and architects that are interested in taking care of today’s environment,” therefore, it is considered architectural and artistical.

Found a reclaimed wood tiny house for the price of $75,000 in Luling, Tx. Too expensive for our budget and not nice at all. Then we decided to visit a Park model company. Here we went inside several of the Park models and the best layouts for our needs were the smaller ones with 400 sq.ft similar to tiny houses. A couple of the ones we loved, one was $59,000 and the other was $64,000, plus delivery.

But honestly, looking back upon all the places we’ve visited doing our homework for when the time comes, we are inclined towards living in a small apartment or an RV. In a small apartment, 1 bedroom, we would achieve the same square footage we need as a tiny house. We don’t have to make a large investment, just pay rent and utilities. No garbage or patio maintenance, no building maintenance, plus we can move out after the contract is terminated.

Another choice, if we were to purchase an RV, the investment would be much smaller than getting into a tiny house. Why? We wouldn’t have to buy a lot or land, wouldn’t have to have a septic tank installed, which we know is optional, but we would want one. A septic tank, power and water facilities would make it a better resale value if we wanted to move, plus make life easier for the tiny house.

Always keeping in mind that one of the best advantages of owning a tiny house on wheels is that you will be able to relocate whenever you need to. But we can do this also with the RV and much easier because all you do is rent the spot.

Another way to look at it is, if we own a house, tiny house, shipping container or park model, we would always have to make arrangements for extra expenses. On the other hand, the extra expenses for an RV would be just the spot where you are parked plus electricity. I know there are off the grid tiny houses, solar panels, composite toilets and many more options to have less expenses, but we would prefer to have the same comforts of big living with the touch of a small home.

Currently, the monthly expenses are approximately $600 for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house (Wi-Fi, land line, cable TV, water, power, patio maintenance, taxes, insurance, garbage disposal), plus the mortgage. On the other hand, if we decide to live in a long term RV park resort area, the monthly rental for parking would be about $640 with a lake view, plus electricity. But think about it… Someone living in the RV resort park told us their electricity monthly bill was $40 and he had the A/C on 24/7.

Not bad, the long term RV park is a resort and has hot tub, pool area, fire pits, 2 BBQ and outdoor kitchen areas, gazebos, free dog wash area, pet walking area, concrete parking areas, gated, security, mailboxes, garbage disposal area, laundry, gym, rec area, business office, free cable, free Wi-Fi, additional parking and all the convenience stores nearby. For us it would be like being on vacation every single day! We would just need to buy the RV with the square footage we need. Got to or want to move? Take it away!

One more small living alternative has not been out ruled. What about a houseboat? We have yet to do some searching for this one. This is one thought that we can’t get rid of. We want to look into visiting some real estate houseboats and find out what the pricing, monthly fees for being on water and the pros and cons of living on a body of water. I guess it all depends where it is located. Anyone reading this article own a houseboat and can give us some input? We would surely appreciate it!

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