Latest Updates


We would like to take a brief opportunity to get everyone up to speed on the latest Traveling Mailbox updates and what we are working on for 2016. 

We ended 2015 with a ton of updates to our infrastructure and staffing arrangements to expand our operating hours (We now scan your mail 7 days a week!), we expanded our server infrastructure to handle new customers, we launched new services such as our new online fax and we launched our latest address in Atlanta, GA! We had a great 2015 and we are hoping 2016 will be just as good if not better. Here is what we are working on:

  1. Apps! – We are currently working on apps for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. We are shooting for beta versions to be released in February. This is currently our top priority.
  2. Mail a Letter – Currently customers can send us a PDF with the document they wish us to print and mail for them. We hope to have this soon built into the Online Interface.
  3. Continued Address Expansion – We are eyeing several locations around the US and we plan to launch several new addresses in 2016! 
  4. Improvements to our Incoming Mail Handling – A lot of mail comes to us addressed wrong or without the mailbox number completely. We are going to be taking steps to improve notifications and mail uploading so customers have a better chance of getting their mail even if it is addressed incorrectly.

These are just to name a few because we are always working on new things and working on ways to provide the most flexible and affordable online mailbox services with awesome customer service. Our number one priority is our customers! Please contact us at if you have any feedback or ideas for the service. 

Thank You,