How to submit a Mailing Request

Are you one of our Online Post Office Subscribers? If so, here is how you submit a mailing request:


1. Using your home scanner, scan in the documents you would like for us to mail.

2. Open up an email and attach the documents you scanned in. 

3. Send that email to with the following information in the body of that email:

  1. Your Customer Number / Mailbox Number
  2. Tell us the return address you would like for us to put on the envelope that we send your documents in.
  3. Tell us what address to send your documents to.
  4. Tell us what level of service to send your documents via. Available services are listed here.
  5. Tell us to print your attached documents in black and white or color.

4. Thats it! Your documents will be printed and mailed within 1 business day! We will send you an invoice via email that you can pay sitting right at home! 


Need help? Call us at 855-749-1737 or email us at