Hello February … Our busiest time of the year!

Hello February! This time of the year is always when we here at Traveling Mailbox, work overtime. In preparation for taxes, we are flooded with tax documents being sent in the mail. Its no problem for us to handle however and this year we are more prepared then ever. We have expanded our operating hours during the week, expanded our hours and our team on the weekends, and upgraded/overhauled our entire infrastructure since February of 2018. Even with this, due to the high volume of mail, it may take a bit longer than usual for a requested task to be completed so we ask for your patience. QuickScan is available during our normal operating hours if you need that important item scanned immediately.



Once again, we thank everyone for their patience! For support, please do not hesitate to chat in with us, call us, or email us! We are available 7 days a week!