3 Tech Products for Spring

3 Tech Products for Spring


Tech products are all the rage these days. Search Amazon for anything related to tech and you’ll get a list as long as the Amazon River itself.

Keeping your tech gear up to date is important. For our work and personal lives, having the best tech helps us keep pace and stay connected in this fast-moving world.

Moreover, tech is becoming easier to use and it’s now more available than ever before. Furthermore, battery life is improving, aiding our ability to work on the go.

This spring, whether you’re in the market for a new device or just looking, here are three tech products to keep an eye on.


PowerCore+ Mini Charger by Anker: A dead phone battery can feel like “Game Over.” Having a juiced-up phone is about as important as having gas in your car.

That’s why I never leave home without Anker’s PowerCore+ mini charger. The cylindrical device fits easily in your pocket and carries enough power for one full charge.

On Amazon, the PowerCore+ costs $12.99 with free shipping from Prime.

For this price, you’ll worry less about running out of juice when you need it most.


Pixama iP110 Printer by Canon: In our increasingly paperless world, printers don’t hold the starring role they once did. Yet, they still play an important supporting role.

It’s true, much of our work can be done directly on our phone without the need for a printer. This streamlined workflow is faster and more cost effective. Incidentally, our leafy friends—the trees—prefer this paperless approach, too.

However, there are still times when you absolutely need a printer, such as when printing mailing labels, concert tickets, or a copy of your tax return.

More importantly, we shouldn’t put all our faith in smartphones. Adhering to Murphy’s Law, smartphone batteries will die at the worst possible times. In other words, those who live by their smartphone, die by their smartphone (battery).

For those times when I absolutely need a printer, I use Canon’s Pixama iP110. Compact and lightweight, this device prints in both color and black and white. Plus, you can print wirelessly directly from your smartphone or laptop. No more tripping over that mess of cords around your desk.

Buy it on Amazon for $148.99 with free shipping from Prime.


iPad Pro by Apple: The iPad came out to much fanfare in 2010. At the time, famed tech journalist Walt Mossberg said the iPad came “pretty close” to being a laptop killer.

But many consumers found that they needed a computer with a keyboard for “serious work.” iPads were for consuming media. Laptops were not in danger of extinction.

But with the introduction of the iPad Pro, Apple has reinvented this close cousin of the iPhone. In its new TV commercial, Apple admits that the iPad Pro isn’t a laptop–it’s better.

The iPad Pro attaches seamlessly with the Apple Smart Keyboard. Additionally, the Apple Pencil can be used to sketch, take notes, and annotate on the iPad Pro, making it particularly useful for creative projects. Laptops should now begin to worry.

Yet, like most Apple products, the iPad Pro isn’t cheap. The device comes in two sizes, 9.7” and 12.9,” with prices starting at $599 and $799 respectively. The smaller one is better for portability, while the larger one is better for typing and, with its larger screen, creative work like video editing and sketching. The Apple Smart Keyboard ($109 on Amazon) and the Apple Pencil ($93 on Amazon) are sold separately.

However, hold off on purchasing an iPad Pro for now. Apple is expected to introduce new iPad Pros this spring. Bloggers speculate that the unveiling will happen in late March or early April.


Written by Matthew Allabastro