Traveling Mailbox vs. VirtualPostMail

Since 2011, Traveling Mailbox has been providing Postal Mail Scanning & Mail Forwarding services to tens of thousands of customers all over the world. Founded in 2009, VirtualPostMail is another virtual mailbox company with a focus on business services. Here is how we compare.

The core concept of most virtual mailbox companies is the same. To allow customers to be able to view their postal mail online or have it forwarded. In this brief article, we will discuss a few of our unique advantages over VirtualPostMail and explain why so many have chosen Traveling Mailbox over the years to handle their postal mail and packages while they travel.

Our advantages over VirtualPostMail

  • More Affordable Pricing & Flexibility

    Since 2011, Traveling Mailbox has kept our pricing the same and increased our features and offerings. While VirtualPostMail limits how many envelopes you can scan, Traveling Mailbox places limits on pages instead. This gives you more flexibility in how many pieces of mail you can scan. We also don't count mail that you deem as junk towards your monthly allotment limits.

  • Traveling Mailbox Processing & Customer Support 7 Days per week.

    Traveling Mailbox is the only company in the entire virtual mailbox industry that processes mail and provides customer service 7 days a week. Our customer support staff is available from 6am to 10 pm EST via phone, live chat, or email. Wherever and whenever you are in the world, you can reach us.

  • Traveling Mailbox Developers

    Our in-house development team constantly improves and maintains our custom-built interface and infrastructure. There are reviews and reports from VirtualPostMail customers that their website can be very slow, leading to customer frustration. Our team is always standing by and working to ensure our customers have a positive experience on our Platform.

  • Traveling Mailbox Membership Plan

    Most travelers don't travel full time. Traveling Mailbox allows you to suspend your account when you're not traveling and easily reactivate it when you hit the road again.

  • USPS Form 1583

    Like all other virtual mailbox companies, VirtualPostMail requires the USPS Form 1583 to be notarized. Traveling Mailbox is the only company where we verify your two forms of ID and electronically sign your form with you over a video call. This prevents you having to make arrangements to get the form notarized saving you a ton of time-especially if you live overseas.

  • Up Front Shipping Costs & Calculator

    Traveling Mailbox offers an intuitive shipping calculator so you know what to expect when it comes time to ship your mail or packages. Most provides like VirtualPostMail do not readily publish this information because their shipping costs can be quite high.

  • Direct Integrations

    Traveling Mailbox integrates directly with OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. No third party apps needed or any custom coding on your end.

A word of caution, VirtualPostMail uses an expensive and proven failed model of processing facilities. This model was previously used by Earth Class Mail who has since filed bankruptcy twice and who has shut down its processing facilities and now operates on a model similar to Traveling Mailbox. VirtaulPostMail argues that their model of processing facilities is better but its clearly very expensive hence why they do not have very many locations.

In conclusion, while VirtualPostMail is a reputable Virtual Mailbox company, it does not provide the value and the feature set that we at Traveling Mailbox provide. Our goal from day one has been set to provide the most affordable yet flexible online mailbox provider by allowing you to get your postal mail scanned, viewed, and forwarded from anywhere in the world. We have built a Company and a Platform based on data and customer feedback that has allowed people from all over the world to solve a potentially complex issue. Traveling Mailbox is here for you every step of the way to ensure that your postal mail is easily accessible and that you can receive your packages anywhere in the world!

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Kathy Bilyea
in the last week
Perfect for Snowbirds! We are very pleased with Travel Mailbox. We activate in the winter when we do our snowbird trip out of the country and suspend it in the spring when we return. We have the annual membership so we can keep our assigned address and sign up for service each winter. Works perfectly!
Vartan Narikian
in the last week
I've been using this service for the last 10 years. Great service. I highly recommend.
Steve McGee
in the last week
Honestly, I thought this mailing service was great! I liked the service so much that I've held on to it for a while even after moving back to a permanent residence. In the meantime I will be taking advantage of the 'membership' so that I'm instantly ready to subscribe again when the time comes. I'm going to miss getting ALL of my mail scanned to PDF till then though. I'll definitely do some long-term travel in the future and Traveling Mailbox will be my mail service for sure! Thanks for a great experience, I'll be sure to tell anyone I know that needs a mailing service about you guys.
Roxanne Howell
in the last week
Traveling Mailbox provides exceptional customer service and mailing services. When I was traveling a lot, I could always count on receiving my mail, even better than the in-person mail service at my home. If I had question or concern, I could always count on knowledgeable agents to assist me in a timely fashion.