Traveling Mailbox Launches New Website!

Traveling Mailbox is pleased to announce that after 10 years of being in business, we have finally launched our new website!

We had originally planned to perform this change right before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit but due to the surge in business that we received, it just fell on the back burner. Now that things are starting to take a more normal track, we felt that it was time to proceed with the update. While our previous website served us well for a long period of time, it was definitely time for a revamp for not only new customers but for our existing customer base that has been so loyal to us.

Our previous website was not responsive, mobile friendly, and was limited in what we could design and do. Our new website fixes all of that. In addition, we have many new powerful tools so we can continue polishing the current site to ensure that we are providing a great experience to our customers.


Note: While the new site has been launched, we are still collecting feedback and making minor adjustments. So please pardon our dust!