Account Closure & Membership Program

While we wish you could stay with us forever ... we understand that this is not always possible! We have prepared the following information which contains the best practices for winding down your relationship with Traveling Mailbox and how to take advantage of our membership program if you frequently travel and need our services each year.

Who can I speak to for cancellation support?

A Traveling Mailbox team member is available 7 days a week for support via Phone, Live Chat, and Email Support. Call us at 855-749-1737 or email us at

What happens to my mail after I cancel my account?

Traveling Mailbox will continue to receive any residual mail that comes in to your account for up to 6 months after your account is closed. During this period, you may continue to login to your Traveling Mailbox to request mail to be forwarded to you wherever you need it. Note: Shipping & Handling charges will apply.

When should I cancel my account?

It is recommended to ensure that your postal mail is going and is being received to its new location prior to cancelling your Traveling Mailbox. If you completed a temporary change of address via after beginning your subscription with us and set an end date, your mail will return to its original destination at that date. If you performed a permanent change of address or gave out your Traveling Mailbox address directly to senders of your mail, then you will need to contact those senders again and give out your new address directly. Please do this before cancelling your Traveling Mailbox. 

Where does my mail go after I cancel my account?

Customers who submitted a permanent change of address will be unable to submit a change of address away from a Traveling Mailbox address prior to cancelling. If you submitted a permanent change of address, you will need to contact senders of your mail and give them your new address directly. Customers who had submitted a temporary change of address with the USPS will have their mail automatically return to the original destination.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, when logged into your Traveling Mailbox, click Billing on the left, then click the Subscriptions tab to cancel your active subscription. Note: This needs to be done via the web version and not on our iOS or Android Apps.

Traveling Mailbox Membership Program

Do you travel every year and need to keep your account without keeping an active subscription all year? Our Membership program allows you to keep your mailbox open and active even when you are not traveling.

  • Mailbox Remains Open

    When you cancel your monthly subscription, your Traveling Mailbox will remain open so when you return, all you need is a new subscription to restart your mailbox.

  • USPS Form 1583 Stays on File

    When you return to traveling, all you will need is a new subscription to reactivate your account. Your previous USPS Form 1583 will remain on file with us.

It has been our pleasure serving you!