Small Business Plan + ScanPAK

From: $55.00 / month

Ideal for businesses and larger households requiring more volume. 

Upgrade to a Premium Address for an additional $4.95 per month.


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The Small Business Plan is ideal for businesses and larger households requiring more volume. The Small Business Plan allows you to receive 200 Incoming Envelopes per month and view up to 180 pages in content scans. Add up to ten mailbox recipients including a business too! 

The Small Business Plan also includes one FREE ScanPAK per month! Receive a prepaid envelope right to your doorstep once a month to fill with documents like receipts and invoices. Send the envelope back to us and we will scan the documents into your online mailbox.

This plan includes the choice of 11 different addresses. Get an address in a larger city like New York, NY or Dallas, TX for an additional $4.95 per month!

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