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Dark Mode Added to your Traveling Mailbox!
The Traveling Mailbox team is pleased to announce that after hearing from you on our Ideas Board, we have officially launched Dark Mode on your Traveling Mailbox! To activate, after...
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May 6, 2019
A Great Read on Nomad Capitalist!
Check out a great article on Nomad Capitalists about Mailbox Forwarding Services! Nomad Capitalists
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Latest Traveling Mailbox iOS App Now Available for Download!
The Traveling Mailbox Team is pleased to announce that our latest iOS App is Now Available! This latest App released fixes numerous issues and features code upgrades as well as...
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Traveling Mailbox Launches New Evernote Integration!
The Traveling Mailbox Team is pleased to announce that our new Evernote Integration is now available! Now easier than ever, you can have your scanned contents forwarded directly to your...
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New Casper, WY Address Now Available!
Traveling Mailbox is pleased to announce our latest address addition in Casper, WY! The address is now available for signup on our website. Customers can view the address format on...
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New Evernote Integration Coming Soon!
The Traveling Mailbox Team would like to announce that our IT Team is working on a new Evernote Integration for your Traveling Mailbox! Currently in order to send items to...
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