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We're on a mission to provide high quality virtual mailbox services with mail scanning and mail forwarding services that help travelers and businesses easily and affordably manage their postal mail online.

virtual mailbox

Virtual Mailbox

View your postal mail online anywhere in the world in PDF Format.

mail forwarding service

Mail Forwarding Services

Receive your mail and parcels anywhere in the world with our mail forwarding options.

check deposit service

Check Deposit Services

Receive and forward your paper checks to your local bank to be deposited!

About Us

Traveling Mailbox has been providing Virtual Mailbox solutions since 2011 that allows individuals, travelers, RVers, expats, small businesses and others to view their postal mail online anywhere in the world. We provide a real physical street address that is unique to you and as your mail arrives, we scan the outside of the envelope and then you tell us to scan the contents, forward the item, shred it, return it, or hold it. Want to help spread the word about Traveling Mailbox? Join our Affiliate Program! Learn How A Virtual Mailbox Works.

Virtual Mailbox Postal Mail Scanning Service
postal mail scanning service

Postal Mail Scanning

With a Traveling Mailbox, you can view your postal mail online anywhere in the world with your Desktop, Laptop, or Smart Phone. We scan the outside of each envelope and the contents if requested. Your scanned contents are uploaded to your online postal mailbox in PDF Format. View them online, save them to your device, or send them to an integration such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or even and Evernote. With a Traveling Mailbox, you can view your mail anywhere!

Postal Mail & Package Forwarding

Traveling Mailbox actively serves thousands of individuals and families who travel in an RV, live abroad, serve in the military, work remote, or who own a business. We enable you to receive your postal mail online or get the physical copies and packages that you need physically sent to you anywhere in the world. We provide excellent shipping rates. Check them out by using our Shipping Calculator.

Mail Forwarding Service
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Virtual Mailbox Security

Secure your postal mail today with a Traveling Mailbox. Your mail goes from sitting out by the road all day to a secure facility under 24/7 surveillance and facial recognition cameras. Your mail becomes a priority as we barcode each and every piece so we can track its movements throughout the scanning and forwarding processes. Securely view your mail in your online mailbox anywhere in the world! Traveling Mailbox adopts and implements stringent security protocols to protect each and every piece of mail that we receive.

Virtual Office & Integrations

Traveling Mailbox offers many other features and services to help you be productive and efficient while you are on the go. Automatically send your scanned postal mail to a variety of built in integrations, mail letters from anywhere and send/receive faxes for free!

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in the last week
Traveling Mailbox provide good service. This is the second year I’ve used them when I travel with my RV. Unlike some other mail services, you can pay for only the months you use them. (They now offer a service for a small fee that allows you to maintain your address/information on file, making starting and stopping even easier. ) The only “complaint” I have is the amount of time between when something is sent to my house versus when it shows up in my online mailbox. (I know when it gets to my house via USPS informed delivery.) None the less, overall I'm happy with the service and plan to use again on my future lengthy RV trips
in the last week
I was a client of Traveling Mailbox for about 6-7 years. I have found the service excellent with many handy features. Customer Service has been prompt and efficient and the check deposit option incredibly practical. As I am now back in the US with a physical address, therefore, I no longer need the service.
a week ago
Very cool service that works well. Forward your mail to them, and they will email you a notification whenever they receive a mail item. You can view the front of the envelope online; and, with a few clicks (taps), you can request that they scan the contents. Within a few hours they'll notify you that the scan has been completed, and you can view the scanned contents online.
2 weeks ago
I’ve been using Traveling Mailbox for the past 2 years and their service is absolutely awesome. The service just works - they scans are high quality, the actions requested are done in a timely fashion - really can’t ask for more. Features that I absolutely love is the ability to request for credit cards to be scanned (both back and front) and their ability to deposit checks. Also you can text them via iMessage for special requests and they are really quick at responding!
2 weeks ago
GREAT SERVICE! Highly recommend!