6 Times It's Smart to Use a Virtual Mailbox Provider

Virtual mailbox and mail forwarding services provide modern solutions to timeless mail struggles—and help you avoid headaches along the way. 

While faxes, email, and text messaging have progressively accelerated the pace of communication in our modern world, you still can’t avoid the necessity of physical mail. Whether it’s a heartwarming holiday card or critical tax documents from the IRS, all of us still need to receive missives, official paperwork, checks, and packages.

But in today’s busy landscape, snail mail and personal mailboxes can often cause more problems than they’re worth. With mail strikes and extreme weather impacting delivery the world over, it’s smart to take a look at how a virtual mailbox or mail forwarding service can help you avoid headaches and delays in both personal and professional settings.

Keep reading as we reveal the top six situations in which it’s smart—maybe even necessary—to use a virtual mailbox service.

1. When you're headed out of town.

The most stressful part of travel isn’t the screaming baby on the plane or the guy reclining his seat directly into your face—it’s what on earth to do with your mail. If you’re gone for too long, you risk letters and packages being damaged, weather-worn, or even stolen. You could always rent a P.O. Box, but what if your Post Office doesn’t have any available? 

A virtual mailbox service is the perfect solution. 

With a virtual mailbox service like Traveling Mailbox, there’s no limit to how much mail you can receive, no time constraints, and no need to miss out on important deliveries. Even if your travels take you across the globe, you can virtually view your mail anywhere, in any time zone. Plus, it’s simple to request mail forwarding for anything you need in hand ASAP. A virtual mailbox might not bump up a delayed flight, but it can ease your travel stress.

2. When you need a business address.

Whether you need a registered agent or simply a non-personal business address, finding the right solution can be a head-scratcher—especially if you’re a home-based freelancer. You can always use your home address, but that comes with a slew of risks and annoyances, including about 1 million advertising flyers. 

Instead, use a virtual mailbox. Not only can Traveling Mailbox serve as your registered agent address, it can also serve as your commercial business address for any legal documents, client correspondence, and all those unavoidable advertisements. After all, virtual mailboxes can dump your junk mail before it ever hits your home. (Trust us, it’s an underrated perk.)

3. When you need checks deposited ASAP!

If your schedule is more packed than an airport on Christmas Eve, you can’t always stay on top of physical check deposits. Luckily, with a virtual mailbox, you don’t have to. Virtual mailboxes aren’t just storage units; they also come with invaluable services, including 24-hour check deposit turnarounds. 

If you receive a check in your virtual mailbox, you don’t have to have it in hand to see that money. Simply reach out and request a deposit. Your virtual mailbox will send that check straight to your banking franchise for immediate processing. At Traveling Mailbox, we guarantee check shipment within 24 hours of receiving your request. Just think of us as your banking assistants. 

4. When you need Sunday Mail.

You can pay for as much expedited shipping as you want, but we all know there’s no way to guarantee that elusive Sunday delivery—or is there? Virtual Mailboxes receive and manage mail on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No hidden fees, no secret restrictions, and no worrying about whether or not USPS remembers your house exists. 

Traveling Mailbox caters to all addresses, no matter how remote or central. If you struggle with weekend deliveries because you don’t have a local Post Office or you’re out of FedEx/UPS delivery areas, there’s no need to panic. Traveling Mailbox gets you the mail you need when you need it.  

5. When you need a bit of extra security.

Waiting on high-stakes parcels can feel like a bit of a hope and a prayer. Even with modern-day tracking and signature deliveries, you’re still crossing your fingers as you anticipate the delivery of expensive or private materials. After all: mail thieves are still out there.

Virtual mailboxes can eliminate those worries. With a virtual mailbox, there’s no risk of mail theft or leaked private information. At Traveling Mailbox, we immediately barcode all of your incoming mail and scan it any time it’s uploaded to your account, moved, or even jostled. Our mail disposal also keeps your sensitive information safe. The minute you give the word, we’ll shred any papers with top-secret information in them at no charge to protect your financials and your identity. 

6. When you're desperate for simple mail management,

We may not all be cool enough to need a personal assistant and a bodyguard, but depending on your job, you might still be drowning in mail. Whether business or personal, coming home day after day to an overflowing mailbox gets overwhelming pretty quickly. 

Virtual mailboxes take care of the admin work for you. With on-demand forwarding, shredding, and opening, virtual mailboxes give you the power to sort your mail on your own time from wherever you need to be. 


Register your new virtual mailbox with Traveling Mailbox 

If you’re struggling with your mail situation, the time to try a virtual mailbox is right now. Whether you’re a recreational traveler, a globetrotting professional, or just someone looking for easier organization, Traveling Mailbox is here to help. 

Try Traveling Mailbox today and see what a stress-free mail experience can do for your peace of mind.