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Online Postal Mail Services

Traveling Mailbox offers affordable and simple online mailbox solutions. If you are a moving overseas, constantly on the go, travel the country in a RV or manage a business with a lot of paper, we have the solution for you! With an online mailbox, you now have the ability to you view your postal mail anywhere in the world. Traveling Mailbox receives your postal mail and scans the envelopes and contents in a searchable PDF so you have access to your postal mail anywhere and anytime. Our plans are priced competitively and we provide many attractive features for any individual or business. View more service features

Travel AnywhereWhether you are moving permanently or going on a business trip, your mail always goes with you.  


Physical Street Address – We offer real physical street addresses so you can receive mail and packages from all carriers. 


Secure Mail Storage – Your data is stored at 256-bit encryption only available to you. Rest easy with a secure online mailbox while you travel. 


Online Postal Mailbox

Get a US street address and get your mail scanned.

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Package Forwarding Services

In addition to viewing your postal mail online and getting your physical mail forwarded, Traveling Mailbox also offers package forwarding services to those who wish only to receive packages. Starting at $15/mo, you can get a physical street address to send your packages to. Once we receive your package, we will scan the shipping label and upload it to your account. With the click of a button, you can manage your packages from anywhere in the world by consolidating or repacking and shipping them to virtually any country on Earth! We provide excellent shipping discounts and low cost consolidation to help you save!  Learn more about our package forwarding services.  


All Carriers Accepted – Because we provide you with a street address, you can receive packages from any carrier. 


Package Consolidation – If you’re traveling, we can consolidate and ship your items anywhere in the world. 


You Save – We provide any shipping discounts given to us directly to you giving you more to spend traveling. 


Package Forwarding

Receive your parcels anywhere in the world!

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Bulk Scanning & Online Document Storage Services

The world is full of paper and it is easy to become disorganized. With docbox, we can help you become completely paperless and help you become digitally organized. If you receive large amounts of documents or if you’re looking to get your existing documents, receipts, and business cards scanned into digital copies, we can help! With docBox, you can scan and upload your documents so you can view them anywhere in the world! You can also purchase one of our bulk scanning packages and we will send you a prepaid envelope or box right to your doorstep or place of business. Simply stuff it with your documents and send it back and let us do the work! Learn More Here.

Stay Organized – docBox is perfect to help you live without all of the paper. Create folders to store your documents and view them anywhere!


Document Management – Store documents, receipts, business cards, bank statements, recipes, contracts, bills, and so much more! 


Go Paperless – Upload your documents or send your documents to us for processing with one of our bulk scanning packages. Let us do the work!


Bulk Scanning

View your important docs, receipts, business cards, and more online!

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