Updated USPS Form 1583 Process


It has been awhile since we have made a posting here on the blog so I wanted to take a brief opportunity to tell everyone what we have been working on. We have been extremely busy updating systems and really working hard to improve the overall efficiency here at Traveling Mailbox. We are adding more customers than we ever dreamed and we are pleased to be serving thousands travelers all over the world! With added growth comes additional challenges but we are really working on hammering them out. Here are some of the things we have been working on:

  1. An Improved USPS Form 1583 Process. – No one likes to fill out forms. As a result, we have been working to make filling out the USPS Form 1583 as easy and as smooth as possible. Our new updated process will be available in early October. 
  2. Extended Operating Hours – With added growth comes the needs to expand! We have recently adjusted our operating hours from 7am EST to 7pm EST Monday thru Friday and Saturday from 11am to 7pm EST. In addition, we still process mail on Sunday’s.
  3. Fax – We have already launched this service and it is available to customers on the Extended and Small Business Plans. We are working on integrating this service more into the online mailbox which will make it easier to use. In the meantime, contact us for your online fax number. As faxes come in, they are uploaded into your online mailbox!

These are just a couple of changes and improvements that we have been working on. We have many more things in the pipeline. Stay tuned! As always, feel free to contact us at Support@TravelingMailbox.com with your ideas, feedback and thoughts or contact us via Twitter.