Basic Plan

$ 15 /month

Ideal starter plan for most with plenty of page scans.

40 Incoming Envelopes / Month
35 Page Scans / Month
3 Mailbox Recipients
FREE Mail Shredding
Junk mail doesn't count!
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Change Plans Anytime
Your Scans Rollover

Extended Plan

$ 25 /month

Get even more envelopes and more page scans with rollover scans.

100 Incoming Envelopes / Month
80 Page Scans / Month
5 Mailbox Recipients
FREE Mail Shredding
Junk mail doesn't count!
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Change Plans Anytime
Your Scans Rollover

Small Business Plan

$ 55 /month

Ideal for small businesses and larger households.

200 Incoming Envelopes / Month
180 Page Scans / Month
10 Mailbox Recipients
FREE Mail Shredding
Junk mail doesn't count!
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Change Plans Anytime
Your Scans Rollover

Junk Mail

Junk Mail? Solved! If junk mail is placed in your mailbox, you can simply mark it as junk and it won't count towards your plan limits!

Additional Recipients

Add mailbox recipients such as spouses, kids, personal businesses, employees, or evens friends to your Traveling Mailbox.

Change Plans Anytime

As your needs change, so can your Traveling Mailbox. Upgrade or Downgrade your account from your billing portal at any time.

Your Scans Rollover

Unused Envelope Scans and Page Scans can rollover to the next month making your Traveling Mailbox even more flexible.

Enterprise Tier 1

$ 99 /month

Enterprise Account with our NC Address

50% Off the First Month!

500 Incoming Envelopes / Month
500 Page Scans / Month
Unlimited Mailbox Recipients
FREE Mail Shredding

Enterprise Tier 2

$ 1 /per peice

Enterprise Account with our NC Address

50% Off the First Month!

$1 per Envelope Digitized
Unlimited Page Scans
Unlimited Mailbox Recipients
FREE Mail Shredding


Coupon Code for 50% Off: ent50

Junk Mail doesn’t count!
Dedicated Account Team
1 Business Associate Agreement
Check Deposit Available (Extra Fee)
99% Uptime Guaranteed
Support & Mail Processing 7 Days a Week!

Additional Services & Features


Traveling Mailbox does not charge per scan or per request. All accounts include page scans and envelope scans. 


Additional Envelope Scans: $0.25 per additional envelope over allotment.

Additional Page Scans: $0.50 per page scan over allotment.


*Extended & Small Business Plans rollover unused Envelope and Page Scans.


Traveling Mailbox can forward your postal mail anywhere in the world. We can ship your items individuals or we can consolidate at no extra charge. Overnight Shipping is available. 


Fee: Postage + $2 per shipment (not per piece).


View our Shipping Calculator Here.


Perform a Check Deposit Request and we will mail your check directly to your bank to be deposited. 

Fee: $4.95 per check + Postage


Traveling Mailbox can receive any size package and forward it to you anywhere in the world. We pass our shipping discounts directly to you. We guarantee that our shipping costs will be lower than any other competitor! View the Shipping Calculator Here.


Fee: $4.95 per package received + Shipping


Only wish to receive packages and not mail? Check out our Package Forwarding Plans Here.


Traveling Mailbox holds the physical envelope items in our facility for free for 30 days. After 30 days, all mail is shredded on site that is not put on hold. Digital copies of your mail remain in your online mailbox until you delete them for free!


Fee to hold mail: $1 per envelope per month.


Note: The first 30 days of storage is free!

Mail Shredding with a Traveling Mailbox is completely Free!

All mail is shredded securely site.

Mail A Letter

Mail A Letter directly from your Online Mailbox from anywhere in the world! Forget about having stamps around, paper around, and trips to the post office.

HIPAA Compliant

Traveling Mailbox is fully HIPAA Compliant and we can provide Business Associate Agreements as well.

Send & Receive Faxes

A Toll-Free Fax Number is available on all of our Plans. Send and Receive faxes for FREE in your Traveling Mailbox!

Your Traveling Mailbox integrates with the following services so you can send your scanned mail instantly with the touch of a button or automatically!

Google Drive




Military Discount

Traveling Mailbox provides a 10% monthly discount for all active duty military & veterans.

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program today and earn recurring commissions on the lifetime of the subscriptions! Click Here to learn more.

Membership Plans

Keep your account open even when you are not traveling. Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.
Setting up a Traveling Mailbox only takes a few minutes. Simply signup by clicking Get Started under a plan above, checkout and review your new address in as little as 5-10 minutes during normal business hours!
No! Anyone from any State or Country can signup and use a Traveling Mailbox from any of the addresses that we provide.
Additional mailbox recipients are other family members, other individuals, or other businesses that wish to receive mail under their/that name. For example, if you signup for an account and you wish to share it with your sister, she will count as an additional recipient and would be required to complete a USPS Form 1583.
All mail is stored for free at our facility for up to 30 days. After 30 days, we charge $1 per envelope per month to store beyond 30 days. Note: The digital scans of your envelopes remain online in your mailbox until you delete them. Traveling Mailbox Fact: Less than 5% of tasks submitted are on envelopes older than 30 days.
No! Each plan is month to month and you are not required to signup for an extended period of time. You may cancel your account at any time with no penalties. Note: You can signup for one year and get two months free!
Yes! A Traveling Mailbox can be used for a business and you can add your business to any of the plans above.
No, we scan every received envelope and upload it to your online mailbox and it does not count against your monthly page scan allotment.
We will forward your mail as often as you request it. You can forward every day, weekly, every other day, bi-weekly, every month etc …
No matter where you are in the world, if you need to receive the physical copies of your mail, we can forward it to you anywhere! We simply charge Postage + $2 per shipment. For example, if you have ten envelopes you would like forwarded, simply charge Postage + $2. You can also view our detailed Shipping Rates Page Here.
Each plan includes a set amount of page scans per month. As long as you stay within those limits, there are no additional charges to have your mail scanned. Most customers fit comfortably on the Basic plan and there is a page scan counter in your online mailbox so you know where are at any given time during the month.
All Traveling Mailbox plans are very flexible and since we shred most of the junk, overages rarely occur. However, if you receive more envelopes than your plan allots for, it is $0.25 per additional envelope. If you exceed your monthly page scan allotment, it is $0.50 per additional page scan. You may upgrade your plan at any time or downgrade without any penalties.