Power User Ramps Up on Traveling Mailbox

From a current Traveling Mailbox Subscriber:

I’m a freelance writer who recently decided to leave my Taos, NM home of 15 years and live in my RV.  Of course, all of the normal learning challenges are there for me, as I moved from a 1900 square foot home with a nice home office space into a 26 foot Jayco Jayflight.  It’s an expanding feeling of freedom, but definitely a shrinking of possessions and work/living space.

Unlike many retired RV full-timers, I’m still working … a lot.  I’m working five to seven days each week for multiple clients, ghost writing books, blog posts and articles.  I’m privileged to be able to supplement Social Security with this income, but I do have deadlines to meet and a business to manage.  That includes billing and associated client payments and accounting.

The check deposit feature of Travelling Mailbox works great for me.  Though most of my clients pay with credit cards through PayPal, some still mail checks.  I do wait until a couple or more checks are delivered to combine for a lower mailing cost, but with my monthly billing, cost isn’t a big factor.  I also find that I’m not watching a check languish in my inbox because I hate going to the bank, even though it was only three blocks from my house.  We writers tend to be reclusive.

It’s the mailing services that really shine for me however.  I still have a real estate license in NM, and also keep my vehicles registered there.  Having a different mailing address at Travelling Mailbox hasn’t been a problem for most of my business stuff, and even Social Security and Medicare are OK with it as long as my permanent address is still good.  I get a lot of mail, and I love the choices for handling it.

Since most of my business is online and communication is via email, my mail is mostly bank statements, cell phone bills, credit union statements, and miscellaneous notices from Social Security, Medicare, and miscellaneous government services related mail.  I can decide on the urgency, having some sent immediately, or wait and combine several pieces for lower costs.

The “Open and Scan” feature, combined with shredding, is really valuable.  A lot of my mail is notices or simple verification of things I changed online.  I can read them, take action, and have them shredded at no additional cost in my plan.  The combination of services at Travelling Mailbox is perfect for me, and meets all of my needs.  I’m also a harried customer, and have requested support a couple of times.  Via chat or email, their response is fast and I get the help I need.

This was not a requested or paid post.  I simply wanted to write a short recommendation type of post to let others know that Travelling Mailbox is a great service that works for even the most demanding of customers.