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5 Items To Pack In Your Emergency Kit For Cruise Travel

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    Travis Poole

    Emergency situations are sometimes unavoidable and you have no control on them. Cruising seems fun and entertaining and completely safe but who knows when an emergency or unnatural situation arrives? Previously a lot of ships have been full of reports such as storms, weather delays, disabled ships and many other situations that have spoiled the fun and upset the passengers.

    Due to such reports, passengers have now started packing an emergency kit along with their other stuff so that even if some emergency situation comes up, they would know what to do.

    So, if you are also super excited for your trip and scared too of the inevitable situations then here is a packing guide for your emergency kit which would later aid you a lot.

    Headlamps And Flashlights

    Just in case the power of your ships is gone and it is dark everywhere and you’ve got you, kids, along then flashlights and headlamps are a must for you. Headlamps would be more preferred as they can easily be worn on the head and are easy to use than a flashlight.

    Food Storage

    The worst situation that can come up on your cruise travel is that if you get stranded on the cruise and the water and food supply of the cruise have come to an end. In that case, you don’t have to panic and just use your food storage that you brought with yourself. Buy the food which has got some proteins and vitamins in it so that you can maintain your energy levels.


    You yourself are aware of what medicine you need in case you or your child gets sick. And on the other hand, it might be possible that the cruise is not having the medication that you require, so always bring your own medicine box. It is but a fact that everything on a cruise ship is double the price and so is the medicines, so avoid spending too much money on the unnecessary stuff rather bring it on your own.

    Power Banks

    As said earlier, there are situations that reported a complete power shut down in cruises and people were deprived of lights and batteries. In such cases, you must have power banks with you that can charge your mobiles and tablets so that you can stay in contact with your family and friends and keep them updated about your cruise travel.

    Hand Sanitizers And Wipes

    It, in fact, is a very awkward situation but there are times when the toilets of cruise ships stop working and you actually have no way out to keep yourself clean so for that kind of a disaster, you must have a huge supply of hand sanitizers and wipes to keep yourself clean and also don’t forget to keep a few reusable plastic bottles as they will aid you a lot when the toilets are blocked.

    We hope you enjoy your cruise journey to the fullest without having to worry about anything!

    For more information, tips and tricks regarding travel and cruising follow our website and stay updated to the latest travel trends and news.

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