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An online mailbox is ideal for individuals and business professionals who are tired of wasting time running to the post office, unable to receive mail or packages through UPS or FedEx, tired of managing paper mail, and wasting valuable time and money keeping their mail sorted. Now with an online mailbox solution, you can manage your mail from anywhere in the world without ever stepping foot inside a post office! Traveling Mailbox offers the perfect online mail management solutions for businesses, individuals, digital nomads, snowbirds, travelers, RVers and more!

A Traveling Mailbox is designed to be affordable, simple, and flexible. Let us help you make yourself more productive and efficient with an online mailbox. Now you can receive your mail anywhere, whether it be at home, the coffee shop, a hotel across the country, or your vacation home around the world! With our easy to use client interface, you can now view your mail online in stunning high quality.


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How does a Traveling Mailbox work?

1. Subscribe to a Traveling Mailbox. Click Here to jump to Pricing.

2. Complete the USPS 1583 Form. (The USPS Form 1583 will be completed in your account after you subscribe).

3. Update your address with senders of your mail or issue a change of address online at

4. As your mail arrives, we will scan the envelopes and upload them to your online mailbox. You can then have us open and scan each piece and view the contents in PDF Format, forward your mail anywhere, hold your mail, or have us securely shred it.


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application Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent (USPS Form 1583)

Traveling Mailbox is a Certified Commercial Mail Receiving Agency with the United States Postal Service. With this certification, we are allowed to accept mail from the Postal Service for others. As a result, all subscribers to a Traveling Mailbox must complete the USPS Form 1583. We cannot process your mail until we have received this completed form. This form must be notarized and customers must send a copy of the two forms of ID that the form requests. Note: Customers will complete the USPS Form 1583 in their online account after subscribing. Have Questions about the USPS Form 1583? View the FAQ Here.


[message_box type=”alert” icon=”yes”]The USPS Form 1583 gives us permission to receive your mail. We cannot open and scan your mail until you have completed, and returned us the completed USPS Form 1583. Once we have received your completed form, we will notify you via email that we have received your completed USPS Form 1583.[/message_box]