Traveling Mailbox


Your Mail Anywhere!

  Go completely paperless with a Traveling Mailbox! 

 View your important documents, receipts, business cards, and more online!

Access Anywhere – No matter where you are in the world, your documents are accessible as long as you have an internet connection.


Your data is backed up – We automatically back up your data instantly on multiple servers to ensure absolute redundancy and reliability.


Go Paperless – You can store any document of any kind including warranties, recipes, receipts, business cards, medical records, and more!


Receipt Scanning – Scan that box full of receipts and extract the data so you can see what has gone where at the end of the month.


Business Cards – Quit carrying around a wallet full of business cards. Upload and extract the contact information so you can locate important people quickly!


Expense Reporting – Download the data from your receipts so you can generate expense reports instantly from your scanned receipts.


Use Evernote – Send your scanned docs, business cards, and receipts directly to your Evernote account.


Searchable PDF’s – We OCR your documents and receipts so you can download them as searchable PDF’s.


Instantly send your documents to these great services and more!




How it Works:

right_envelope1. Receive your ScanPAK – We will mail you a prepaid envelope right to your doorstep or office. Fill it with as many documents as it will hold.


completed2. Return your ScanPAK – Once we receive your ScanPAK back in our facility, we will open it and scan in the contents into your online mailbox.


InformationMore Information – If you are subscribed to the Extended or Small Business Plan, you can receive 1 free ScanPAK per month. If you are on the basic plan or need to order multiple ScanPAK’s, please contact us.


Documents you can store in your Traveling Mailbox:



Business Cards










Precious Memories


Medical Records


Bank Statements


Insurance Records & Claims




And so much more!



Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to scan in my documents?
Do I need a ScanPAK to view my postal mail online?
How do I send my documents to or my Evernote Account?


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